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Be Thankful for a Full Sales Pipeline with These 5 Steps

You might be grateful for a lot of things that your company is doing well – camaraderie around the office might be at an all-time high, positivity could be on an upswing and you might be really happy with how your business is staffed. But still, few things can be more stressful than an empty pipeline. If you’re feeling the squeeze of a lack of impending sales, don’t despair. Here are five steps you can take today to get that pipeline humming and your joy meter rising.

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How To Create Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Through Our B2B Smarketing Process

How many times have you heard from the sales team that they need more leads, more leads, MORE LEADS. And you hear from the marketing team that they don’t know what happens to all the leads they gave to sales. Are they quality leads? Are they following up with these leads? Did anyone follow up with the lead? What happened to the lead?!?!
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How B2B Businesses Can Leverage Instagram and its New Business Account

 Instagram recently added a segment to their app that allows businesses to tell their unique stories. Read on to learn how to use Instagram to better connect with your target audience. 

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Become a Better Business Owner with Feedly

 If you want to become a well rounded, in the know business owner, start using Feedly! Stringcan Interactive looks at the top five benefits of utilizing this tool for your online business and your professional interactions.

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How to Monitor Your B2B Competitors With Social Media

Social media can be used to set up alerts, seek out trends, and keep tabs on influencers in order to stay competitive in your industry. This article highlights some tools and tactics in order to keep up with your competition. 

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3 Reasons Nobody Reads Your B2B Blog

When you create content for your B2B blog, it’s tempting to showcase your expertise and try to impress the people reading your content. It makes sense - you want people to trust you, and be interested in your products or services. You need to realize that almost every B2B content creator feels this same pull, but the good ones resist it. It’s a self-centered mindset and train of thought that doesn’t focus you correctly on your main mission, which should be to produce client value. That’s why you’re creating content in the first place! But simply thinking about client value as you create content doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. Here are 3 easy mistakes to avoid that content creators often make when creating B2B content.

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6 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Be Blogging

Blogging is an asset that every company should leverage in order to attract the right audience to your site, especially manufacuturers! Some of these benefits include telling a story, establishing authority, building a relationship with your target customers, and more. Not convinced yet? Click here to read more. 

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Don’t Let B2B Content Marketing Kill You

Every SEO-minded person in the digital space understands the need for companies to be creating content. It not only boosts your Google search performance, but each piece of content also becomes a virtual billboard for your company, showcasing your expertise and trade. However, creating content that will attract other businesses is not that easy. Writing content that will attract the businesses you are targeting, is another story entirely.

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4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Digital Marketing

There was a time when it may not have mattered if your company had an online presence, but those days are long gone. The question has shifted from ‘should’ you do digital to, ‘how well’ do you do digital? Playing in the space is a given, but in order to legitimize your digital effort you need to not only be fluent online, but strategic and smart too. So the great question is why do companies invest in smart and strategic digital marketing? Here’s just the first four reasons that you need to be aware of.

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How to Make B2B Marketing Mobile-Friendly

The new age of marketing includes an increased emphasis on mobile and user-friendly sites that are easy to navigate at the tip of your fingers. B2B companies need to get on board with this new trend that is here to stay, so check out these tips on how to make your B2B marketing efforts mobile-friendly. 

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