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5 Ways to Make Planning for 2019 Not Scary

This post in a nutshell:

  • Annual planning is downright scary
  • Evaluate your past without judgement
  • Share the wins
  • It feels like eating an elephant, so start with strategy
  • Work backwards from strategy and get everyone aligned
  • Start budgeting if you aren’t already; any budget is better than no budget
  • Have fun and dream a little! It’s not all work and no play - boring!
  • Stay tuned for our e-book on what marketing trends to look out for
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Our Share-Worthy Insights from Digital Summit Phoenix 2018

Every year, Digital Summit comes to Phoenix for two days to feature important topics and discussions from digital marketing’s finest thought leaders. To stay on top of our digital marketing game, we sent two of our digital marketing experts to learn about digital marketing best practices, latest industry trends, and new digital strategy tactics. 

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Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

As digital marketing tools become more powerful and effective, companies of all sizes are feeling the pressure to incorporate them into their overall marketing strategies. Agencies and consultants allow you to outsource your brand marketing completely, freeing you up to focus directly on your business's daily operations. At first this seems like an excellent idea, especially if your in-house team isn't full of digital marketing experts. Before you commit to outsourcing your marketing to an external agency, however, consider there are some tasks your internal team may be uniquely qualified to do well. Here are some items to consider:

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Branding: Are You and Your Digital Marketing Agency on the Same Page?

The 21st century is the ‘Age of Digital Marketing,’ which means that every significant brand must include an Internet presence encompassing everything from inbound marketing, to SEO, to easy online ordering and troubleshooting. As these techniques become increasingly sophisticated and specialized, digital marketing agencies have become key players in brand development. This begs the question; When it comes to our company brand, what is our responsibility and what is the agency's?

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SEO Isn’t Dead (And Ignoring It Is Costing You)

Remember back about 10 years ago or more when SEO really became involved in digital marketing and utilizing it meant putting you at the top of the search engine’s lists? And, all of a sudden, your web traffic increased, your marketing strategy found a new niche, and your business started gaining new customers, sometimes at an alarming rate? The same still holds true today; SEO isn’t dead and ignoring it is costing you.

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To Our Clients: We’re Just Like You

When we meet with prospective clients, we’re often asked how we devise our strategies and make recommendations. They ask things like how we can know which digital marketing tactics actually work, and why they should feel comfortable handing over their money so we can move forward with the roadmap we create.

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HubSpot’s 2016 State of Inbound Report: 3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Embrace Inbound Sales

HubSpot’s 2016  State of Inbound Report:  3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Embrace Inbound Sales

The State of the Union address usually takes place annually in January. This is the opportunity for the President of the United States to lay out their achievements and goals for the country before Congress. HubSpot does something similar every year. Around this time, they release the State of Inbound, which represents the results of inbound strategies within the marketing community. It provides insights on the health of inbound and the direction it's headed. If we pretend for a second that HubSpot is the President of the United States, think of StringCan as a cabinet member.

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Localization: The Secret Sauce to Online Franchise Marketing

Whether you are a fast food lover or not, you should be familiar with the fact that a lot of restaurants have a “secret sauce” that differentiates themselves and leaves their customers coming back for more. Transferring that concept over to the franchise world, what is the “secret sauce,” or digital marketing tactic that gives franchises a competitive edge with the local competition? As a business franchise in your community, it is essential for you to optimize your website so your local customers can easily find your business.

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Is Your Blog Successful? You May be Measuring the Wrong Metrics

During the dot-com bubble, businesses were scrambling to gain a place on the Internet under the banner of “everyone-needs-a-website”. Businesses often did not stop to think if – or why – they needed a website, they just knew that everyone kept telling them they had to have one if they wanted to be successful. And so, millions of businesses that had no concept of how to use a website to reach their customers, suddenly had websites. They didn’t know if digital would actually help their market, but hopped on the bandwagon regardless.

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Filling in the Gaps: What College Marketing Classes Don’t Teach You

The field of marketing has drastically changed in the past decade due to technology and it continues to evolve. With that being said, curricula provided to aspiring marketers should progress as well. Unfortunately, marketing degree programs continue to heavily focus on the traditional side of marketing and fall short of providing the necessary education about digital marketing and the future of the industry. As a result, most college marketing programs fail to cover these important and current marketing topics:

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