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Looking for Franchisees? Borrow from B2B Marketing Best Practices

When you’re a franchisor, your bread and butter comes from finding and onboarding new franchisees, and seeing them through to success. After all, every new location offers the promise of more sales and more awareness for your brand. But franchising is not easy, and finding someone who wants to be an entrepreneur and open the doors of a new location is not always a walk in the park. If you’re struggling to find the right people to oversee your next branch, the answer could lie in a new marketing approach.

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Why Family is the Heart of Our Business

Ask us what we are at StringCan Interactive, and you might hear “digital marketing agency.” While that label sounds generic, we’re far from run-of-the-mill. As an entrepreneur with a deep passion for marketing, it was always really important to me to spend time on work that really matters. And as such, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves at StringCan with family-focused businesses. This has become not only our bread and butter, but also our heart. And I’m about to tell you why.

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From One Entrepreneur to Another: What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs

If I had to choose a few terms that describe the roles I’ve loved most in my career, I’d probably land on “serial entrepreneur” and “digital marketer.” In my businesses, it’s worked in my favor that I understand the entrepreneurial journey as well as the nuts and bolts of strategic marketing. But unless you run a marketing agency like I do, you might not have the luxury of simultaneously being a marketing professional.

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