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Is Your Health Club Struggling in its Google Search Engine Ranking?

Which of the following statements do you agree with?

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Google AdWords vs. Facebook Advertising to Generate Leads: What's the Difference?

"Google or Facebook? Which one should I use to make my marketing dollars go farther?” That’s one of the top questions we  hear when people ask us about online advertising. There’s pros and cons to both platforms, and each one offers something unique. We’ve outlined the good, the bad and the differences between the two.

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The Five Reasons I Like Google Plus More Than Facebook



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Foursquare's Election App vs Google's Election Tool

With the 2012 Election drawing near, social media is where users are going to discuss last minute topics, learn about any updates and see what their peers' views are. So some social media platforms are making adjustments and creating new features that bring attention to themselves during this election process. Foursquare seems to lead the pack with the best app. Facebook is the obvious leader when it comes to interaction with others, being the page that everyone goes to discuss topics after every debate or news conference, to the point where it can get old. But they’re lacking a helpful app about statistics for each state, important information to consider for your state when you vote and where your voting locations are. Thanks to Foursquare and Google, social media is encouraging people to vote and making it easier.

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The Perks of Google Places for Small Businesses

Raise your hand if you use Google to find the location of a business! Who doesn’t? It’s quick and easy and provides you with an endless list of businesses around your location that either include the one you’re looking for or others that are similar. Now put yourself in the shoes of someone that owns a small local business, and if this is you, take a listen; there’s only so much you could do with the SEO and advertisements, right? What are your other options?

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Should Your Business trade in Dropbox for Google Drive?

We pride ourselves at StringCan Interactive in staying ahead of the innovation curve. When news came out about Google Drive – Google’s upgrade of Google Docs and the rumored Dropbox killer - we were buzzing about it in our office and sharing their launch video as a great example of a promotional video. However, StringCan has been a loyal user of Dropbox for years now so we were also hesitant about trading in Dropbox for Google’s latest new product. After taking Google Drive for a test ride we decide to share this blog as a review of the two cloud storage services and a summary of our decision.

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7 Engagement Guidelines To Turn Facebook Likes Into Leads


Image via Silicon Angle
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How Blogs Can Improve or Hurt Your Website's Engagement and SEO


Image by Dave via Flickr CC
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The Importance Of A Mobile Web Strategy Beyond Mobile Apps

There is no longer any denying the importance of mobile presence for businesses big and small. By 2012 20% of all searches are expected to come from mobile and it is important that your business have a strong presence in this new market to ensure you are being found by your potential customers. There are many effective ways to have your business noticed through the ever-expanding mobile market, but the biggest buzz these days is definitely about creating apps. While this hype definitely holds merit in the marketing industry as proven by countless examples from companies in all fields, in actuality mobile apps may not be right for every business, particularly B2B.

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Google Gets Social - Social Search Will Change The Way Users Explore and Evaluate Online

How users search online is a constantly evolving process. Its changes and adapts to the needs and trends of its users in an attempt to always be relevant. Google certainly leads the way in innovation and creativity here and has frequently rolled out many features that have got people talking and businesses rethinking their strategies. The most recent development in the search game is a push towards a more social and personalized experience. While Google's social search has been floating around in beta for a while now, Google has officially made the leap to bring this exciting, new feature to the public.

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