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Turning Health Club Members into Raving Fans

Customer satisfaction is one thing. It’s nice to know your health club members are content, and that you’re meeting their most pressing needs so they don’t need to complain or go elsewhere (at least for now). But then there’s retention. The more satisfied your members are, the more likely you’ll retain them - and the more money you’ll keep in the long haul. It’s just good business sense to hang onto the members you currently have and incentivize them to remain loyal to you.

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When to Hire a Marketing Partner for Your Health Club

As the owner of a health club, you might be thinking about engaging with a partner to help you with marketing management. But before taking this step, you may have some hesitation. Maybe you worked with a freelancer for a period of time and had a poor experience, or maybe you hired a marketing firm to promote a specific event and were left disappointed with the results.

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