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How to: Work-Life Balance and Staying Sane

For every working professional out there, finding the ideal work-life balance can be a daunting feat to consider, let alone achieve. While many companies are now embracing the idea and offering more time off, recreational perks, and wellness incentives to employees, there are still plenty of budget cuts happening in a competitive job market. These factors can make employees fearful about taking any time off to reboot and enjoy the people and hobbies in their lives that matter most to them.

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Paid Media Consulting: How to Measure ROI

One question that we as a digital marketing agency hear a lot is “how do I measure the ROI of X marketing tactic?” And while we could write a novel of all the various ways to measure different digital marketing tactics and how they are impacting your business, let’s delve deeper into one facet that’s pretty familiar to most - paid media.

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Why Does Customer Loyalty Matter?

There are so many opinions about what companies should do to be most successful; these range from implementing the best sales practices to launching traditional marketing blasts. Wiping away unnecessary complexity and simplifying success can be one of the hardest things for a company to do. However, there is a simple way to gauge success in your organization. What if all it took was asking one simple question? Fred Reicheld, Net Promoter Score (NPS) founder, recently taught me how.

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From Email Disaster to Email Master - 9 Easy Steps Become the King of Your Inbox


Image by Sebastien Wiertz via Flickr CC
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Better Late than Never, Facebook #Hashtags

By now, all of you have seen the “#” symbol followed by keywords, phrases, and usually sarcasm. This week Facebook launched hashtags to their platform, but the real wonder is, what took them so long?

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The Missing Pieces:: Project Management in Agencies

When it comes to managing projects in an agency many people find themselves missing out on opportunities or even losing current clients. Mismanagement is common in smaller to medium-size agencies because many of them do not have a project manager or have never understood the roles of project management. Like larger companies, managing projects can be tedious and sometimes stressful on a team. Here are a few simple exercises you and your team can do to make sure deadlines, deliverables and meetings run smoothly.

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How To Use Blogs - Best Practices

 Here's the lowdown on how to make your blog the most optimized and engaged it can be with the following best practices.

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How To Take Your Facebook Interaction to the Next Level

StringCan Interactive welcomes our newest guest blogger
Erika Karas. Erika is a Junior Account Associate at Search Influence a digital marketing firm in New Orleans, Louisiana (one of our favorite cities). It is the never-ending domino effect of communication and engagement that makes her love of marketing burn so bright. When she isn’t working in the wild word of SEO and Google search rankings, she can often be found at her oven trying a new recipe or exploring the world through her camera.

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How To Create A Video Marketing Campaign To Significantly Boost Website Traffic & Sales

StringCan Interactive welcomes it’s very first guest blogger Danielle Thomas. Danielle is a graduate from Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, now working as a freelance writer, entrepreneur and researcher. She covers a wide range of topics for with a particular interest in technology, the Internet, and the emerging business systems of the 21st century.


Until the last few years, online marketing was centered upon text based advertisements and writing articles to boost SEO. These tactics are definitely still relevant and effective, but they are quickly losing ground to video-based efforts. Common sense will tell you that people are much more likely to click play on a video than they are to read a 600 word article, such as this one. Actually, think about this. Right now you are reading an article on creating video marketing campaign. If you had the choice to see someone in front of a camera break down the same insights that will be shared in this article, which would you prefer? Probably the video. And that is the response over 80% of internet users will give.

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How to Improve Your Business' Social Media - Week 3 - Pinterest

Hey all! Welcome to week 3 of our social media themed blog! This week it's time for the somewhat less familiar business social media platform, Pinterest. Some companies overlook Pinterest, looking at it as a site that can't do anything for them because it's all about pictures, wondering how a picture-based site can benefit them in any way. Well for those of you who have jumped on the Pinterest train, high five! You're probably ahead of most of your competitors! So let's get this rolling, this week we want to help those of you who have a Pinterest page, and also possibly interest the minds of you that do not. To make sure you are using Pinterest to its fullest potential we are going to provide you with some important steps that will have nothing but a positive impact.

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