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Bridging the Gap between Business and Tech

On one end of the figurative schoolyard of the development space, there is the business team, the cool, rich kids playing kickball - the ones that always get use of the field; the ones that have all the money, the ones that call the shots in and out of the classroom. On the other end is the development team - the nerdy kids who are ultimately getting the cool kids’ homework done for a few bucks with the lingering threat of being out-casted and left for a different nerd.

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Facebook Unveils Big Changes To Mobile App(s) and Desktop Experience

These days it seems like just as soon as we’ve gotten comfortable with the most recent changes to Facebook’s platform they end up rolling out a new update. As a bunch of tech geeks we just can’t get enough of that, but that’s not always the case with the 1 billion+ Facebook users out there. That being said, Facebook and Instagram (their recent buyout in Sep 2012) remain the top two mobile apps out there according to a recent study from Mobidia. The below graph shows mobile app usage from March 2013 with the average smartphone users spending around 450 minutes per month on the Facebook app and 300 on Instagram. Facebook’s mobile app has a loyal following – the stats don’t lie!

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The New MySpace – It's Alive And Bringing Sexy Back


Screenshot from MySpace account
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Infographics: A Must for Marketing

What sounds better to you then a more visually appealing, easy on the eyes, interactive version of your website or concept? Well, for us at StringCan Interactive, we can’t think of anything better. I'm talking about infographics.

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Kooza! 3 Lessons from Cirque Du Soleil on How To Turn Your Marketing Into Magic

The circus is in town! Cirque Du Soleil returned to Arizona for the first time in over 5 years with sold out performances for its opening weekend of Kooza in Glendale, Arizona. The amazing big-top touring show combined with the savvy marketing of the Montreal- based Cirque Du Soleil, this is an event that you will hear about and talk about - if you haven’t already.

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Can You Pin New Customers?

In the world of social media, new ideas and platforms pop up seemingly daily; however, only a few ever gain traction and stick. One of the most recent social-media platforms to garner some big buzz is Pinterest, a sort of online corkboard where users (including companies) can post up pictures to share with the world. As more and more companies employ departments dedicated to managing social media and content marketing, the smaller guys are wondering if they should be on Pinterest and what their strategy should be.

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Photo Graph One Step Closer To Being Possible - Facebook One Billion Acquisition of Instagram

One of my favorite lines (as shown below) from The Social Network (movie) was when Sean Parker said "You know what's cool - One Billion Dollars!" That line blew my mind and to think the company he was talking about now has the power to be able to purchase organizations, such as Instagram for that same amount is even more mind blowing.

Read More - The Netflix For Art And Experts of Personalized Facebook Engagement

We all love the freedom services like Netflix, Blockbuster, and Redbox has granted us for enjoying an endless variety of movies at home. Now you can experience those same freedoms with framed prints of original works of art through a new and innovative company called TurningArt.

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What Facebook Could Learn From Foursquare And Social Rewards


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Google Gets Social - Social Search Will Change The Way Users Explore and Evaluate Online

How users search online is a constantly evolving process. Its changes and adapts to the needs and trends of its users in an attempt to always be relevant. Google certainly leads the way in innovation and creativity here and has frequently rolled out many features that have got people talking and businesses rethinking their strategies. The most recent development in the search game is a push towards a more social and personalized experience. While Google's social search has been floating around in beta for a while now, Google has officially made the leap to bring this exciting, new feature to the public.

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