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How to Generate Leads from Social Media

So you’ve invested a good amount of time (and therefore dollars) into a social media strategy. Whether it’s your in-house team managing the execution, or an agency, you might’ve reached a point where you’re questioning the ROI of all this effort. And you’re absolutely right to do so.

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Google AdWords vs. Facebook Advertising to Generate Leads: What's the Difference?

"Google or Facebook? Which one should I use to make my marketing dollars go farther?” That’s one of the top questions we  hear when people ask us about online advertising. There’s pros and cons to both platforms, and each one offers something unique. We’ve outlined the good, the bad and the differences between the two.

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Look Back to Get Ahead - Our 12 Favorite 2017 Blog Posts

This has been a great year for us at StringCan, and we hope it has been for you and your business too! One of our favorite parts of closing out the year is seeing the success and growth we’ve helped our clients achieve, and that we’ve achieved too. We always love sharing what we’ve learned and our best advice with you, so you can reach your marketing and business goals. And our blog has certainly been active with these resources the past 12 months. 

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6 Sure-Fire Steps To Improve Your Lead Generation Process This Year

As a business, you’ve probably heard the term “generating leads” more than you can count. And there’s a reason for that – your business’s online marketing strategy and subsequent prosperity revolves around your lead generation process and converting those leads to customers. But how can you be sure you are generating the right amount of leads for your business?

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I Generated Leads… Now What?

You’ve done the heavy lifting; you’ve written blogs, posted on social media, sparred with the website developer on the best way to make a user-friendly site, and now you finally have the leads that you’ve been dreaming of. Now what? Well now... the real work begins.

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The 5 Best Ways to Gain More Leads to Impact Your Bottom Line Through Online Marketing

The holidays are coming up, which means towns and cities all across the country fill their buildings and homes with lights and shiny twinkling objects everywhere you look. Then as the new year rolls around, everyone takes their decorations down, ok, maybe you do it in February, but you go back to the norm before the next excuse to decorate comes around.

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