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Is My Swim School Falling Behind?

In the twenty-first century digital age, marketing a brick-and-mortar service might seem difficult. After all, many people block online advertisements, tune out emails from businesses or worse mark as spam, and need to be highly incentivized to buy something that requires additional commitment on their part (like showing up to swim lessons). When you think about how to reach more parents with information about your swim school, it’s easy to feel yourself getting lost in the swirl of online marketing terminologies and practices. You might look around and see your competitors successfully handling certain marketing approaches, and wonder how you’re supposed to know how you match up.

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How Do I Hit the Ground Running With My New Location?

Congratulations, you've got your first couple locations up and running successfully! You're doing great too; your sales are booming and you've never been so busy in your life. You may even be considering opening more locations, but are you really ready to branch out, though? When opening a new location, there's a lot to consider. Here are some key points to make that launch successful:

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You CAN Compete Against Franchised Swim Schools

As a privately owned swim school, you may feel like you're facing a lot of stiff competition from the larger, corporate-owned schools. That's because you are! That doesn't mean that you can't compete and thrive. As a smaller, privately owned company you still have a lot to offer your customers. You have a lot of resources at the tip of your fins that larger companies don't; make a solid plan to utilize them and you'll be able to hold your own just fine.

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The Perks of Google Places for Small Businesses

Raise your hand if you use Google to find the location of a business! Who doesn’t? It’s quick and easy and provides you with an endless list of businesses around your location that either include the one you’re looking for or others that are similar. Now put yourself in the shoes of someone that owns a small local business, and if this is you, take a listen; there’s only so much you could do with the SEO and advertisements, right? What are your other options?

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Photo Graph One Step Closer To Being Possible - Facebook One Billion Acquisition of Instagram

One of my favorite lines (as shown below) from The Social Network (movie) was when Sean Parker said "You know what's cool - One Billion Dollars!" That line blew my mind and to think the company he was talking about now has the power to be able to purchase organizations, such as Instagram for that same amount is even more mind blowing.

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Top Smartphone Business Apps


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The Yellow Pages Go Green – Turn in the old Yellow Pages and upgrade to social review sites.

When you receive a new phone book, I bet you automatically discard the old one in the recyclable trash. Next time before you routinely throw out that old phone book, consider this, “When was the last time I actually used this thing?” For most people, me included, the answer may be never. Personally, the newly delivered phone book never makes it past my front door and go straight into the trash. Thinking about this drove me to ask, “What does this five pound paper weight have to offer me that I can’t get from using the Internet? Seems to me, phone books have become a remnant of the past, a leftover dinosaur from another era.

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Start testing Location Based Services and Focus on Influencers


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