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How to Make B2B Marketing Mobile-Friendly

The new age of marketing includes an increased emphasis on mobile and user-friendly sites that are easy to navigate at the tip of your fingers. B2B companies need to get on board with this new trend that is here to stay, so check out these tips on how to make your B2B marketing efforts mobile-friendly. 

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The Most Amazing Smartphone Apps and Mobile Features

There’s no denying that smartphone apps have changed the way we live our day-to-day lives. The amazing features in the palm of our hand are often taken for granted. With every passing download, these features become engrained into our daily routine and are expected to be a way to, simplify complicated issues or increase value/enjoyment of our interactions with the world.

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The Importance Of A Mobile Web Strategy Beyond Mobile Apps

There is no longer any denying the importance of mobile presence for businesses big and small. By 2012 20% of all searches are expected to come from mobile and it is important that your business have a strong presence in this new market to ensure you are being found by your potential customers. There are many effective ways to have your business noticed through the ever-expanding mobile market, but the biggest buzz these days is definitely about creating apps. While this hype definitely holds merit in the marketing industry as proven by countless examples from companies in all fields, in actuality mobile apps may not be right for every business, particularly B2B.

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Amazing Smartphone Applications: 7 Free Cool Apps For Android and iPhone


Image by Sanan Rasheed
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Square - Mobile Credit Card Payments Without Limits

What Is Square?

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Google Instant AutoComplete - Not So Complete After All

As you have no doubt experienced by now, Google Instant provides a faster and more productive way to search the web by instantly displaying results as you type. It anticipates what you are searching for as you type and displays the information below automatically. A drop down list powered by Google Suggest flashes a list of possible terms you are searching on based on relevance and frequency. This feature then allows you to scroll up and down with your arrow keys to see results instantly.

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Google Groups Makes Connecting and Communicating Easy

Today I am taking a closer look at the new Google Groups and dissect some of the recent evolutions of this great free service. Google Groups is a very helpful tool for any business or organization that allows for easy-to-manage discussions online or through email. You can use Google Groups to find groups based on your interests, or to set up a company page for internal or external business communications.

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Top Smartphone Business Apps


Image via Fox News
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