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The Missing Pieces:: Project Management in Agencies

When it comes to managing projects in an agency many people find themselves missing out on opportunities or even losing current clients. Mismanagement is common in smaller to medium-size agencies because many of them do not have a project manager or have never understood the roles of project management. Like larger companies, managing projects can be tedious and sometimes stressful on a team. Here are a few simple exercises you and your team can do to make sure deadlines, deliverables and meetings run smoothly.

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CRM in a Nutshell

Jul 19

CRM in a Nutshell

The mantra of StringCan is to "Connect Smart" and our mission is to help our clients connect with their customers in an effective way to help grow their business.

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Basecamp From an Agency's Perspective

Here at StringCan Interactive we love taking on as many projects as we can, going above and beyond not only our clients’ expectations but our own expectations as well. We may be a small agency but that doesn't mean our work load is small…

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