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Three Ways To Not Wreck Your Reviews

Whichever kind of business you run, whether it’s a franchise, multi-location, B2B, big, or small, it's important that your customers trust you. According to a recent survey, the number one factor that influences how well a customer trusts a company is their perception of the company’s quality of customer service.

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Interacting with Customers on Customer Review Sites

Personal interaction with potential clients has been a game changer for all levels of business. From corner stores to corporations, correspondence between customers and owners has become increasingly more public - and therefore more crucial to one's brand reputation. As an owner of any kind of business, reviews can make or break your success and are an integral part to expanding your brand. Reviews are the first thing people want to know about your company, and oftentimes are the only impression that potential customers receive in the midst of research. For these reasons, interacting with customers via  reviews is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a modern and digital business.

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The Importance and Impact of Local Reviews for Companies Cannot Be Overstated

Local reviews matter and can have a real and lasting impact for local businesses. Search Engine Land recently found that 92% of customers read online reviews for local businesses. That means someone is likely looking your business up on Yelp or another review platform before ever trying out your product or service. 

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The New MySpace – It's Alive And Bringing Sexy Back


Screenshot from MySpace account
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Declaring Your Independence - Startup Opportunities in Arizona

This past Wednesday was American Independence Day. A day where you might have had the day off, hung out with your family or friends for a BBQ (maybe even a pool party if you live in AZ), and enjoyed an evening of fireworks. You could say that the 4th of July is essentially a day to embrace the word “Freedom.”

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Pinterest: How Essential It Is for Small Agencies

Before the birth of Facebook and all of the other social media forums that we currently have, it could be said that smaller agencies had a difficult time expanding their brand beyond the face-to-face meetings being had with potential and current clients. We all know by now what social media has done for every kind of company out there but not many know about one of the newer forum and all of its potential. I’m talking about Pinterest. At our team meeting on Monday I presented the strategy document I created for why Pinterest would be a great tool for StringCan and it had not taken much time at all for us to come to a consensus that Pinterest is a must for us. Being a small business, you run into problems that larger, corporate businesses don’t have. Problems like having a hard time getting your brand out there, or being able to be found when a potential client is looking for “The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Arizona,” among others. Pinterest is one of the ways to alleviate your business from the stress of thinking that you may be hard to find.

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The Perks of Google Places for Small Businesses

Raise your hand if you use Google to find the location of a business! Who doesn’t? It’s quick and easy and provides you with an endless list of businesses around your location that either include the one you’re looking for or others that are similar. Now put yourself in the shoes of someone that owns a small local business, and if this is you, take a listen; there’s only so much you could do with the SEO and advertisements, right? What are your other options?

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Basecamp From an Agency's Perspective

Here at StringCan Interactive we love taking on as many projects as we can, going above and beyond not only our clients’ expectations but our own expectations as well. We may be a small agency but that doesn't mean our work load is small…

Read More - The Netflix For Art And Experts of Personalized Facebook Engagement

We all love the freedom services like Netflix, Blockbuster, and Redbox has granted us for enjoying an endless variety of movies at home. Now you can experience those same freedoms with framed prints of original works of art through a new and innovative company called TurningArt.

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Google Gets Social - Social Search Will Change The Way Users Explore and Evaluate Online

How users search online is a constantly evolving process. Its changes and adapts to the needs and trends of its users in an attempt to always be relevant. Google certainly leads the way in innovation and creativity here and has frequently rolled out many features that have got people talking and businesses rethinking their strategies. The most recent development in the search game is a push towards a more social and personalized experience. While Google's social search has been floating around in beta for a while now, Google has officially made the leap to bring this exciting, new feature to the public.

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