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3 Tips to Increase Your Domain Authority

A common question that our clients ask us is, “Why isn’t my website being found on Google?” or “Why are all of my competitors showing up before me in search?” Thankfully, the answer isn’t to do a little Internet dance and burn some incense on days that end with “y,” or press A, B, X, X double jump… you get the idea. Below we share 3 tips to increase your Domain Authority, to show up in higher results on search engines.

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4 SEO Stats You Should Be Paying Attention to Right Now

Digital marketers often get asked “which medium will get me the best ROI?” Although the answer to this question involves many factors like business needs, marketing budget, industry, and target audience, to find the most effective channel to stimulate growth for your business, SEO is truly one of the most promising. SEO is constantly evolving and although it can be difficult, and at times frustrating, to stay on top of the new updates from Google and other search engines, the results of having an SEO strategy and investing in SEO are undeniable. Regardless of what any online gurus are saying about SEO, these numbers don't lie.

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The 10 Step SEO Checklist

Learn how to optimize your content to get found by your audience

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SEO Isn’t Dead (And Ignoring It Is Costing You)

Remember back about 10 years ago or more when SEO really became involved in digital marketing and utilizing it meant putting you at the top of the search engine’s lists? And, all of a sudden, your web traffic increased, your marketing strategy found a new niche, and your business started gaining new customers, sometimes at an alarming rate? The same still holds true today; SEO isn’t dead and ignoring it is costing you.

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Cut the Noise Podcast 002 – Discovering your ideal audience online

In this month’s Cut the Noise podcast, the StringCan team discusses the importance of understanding your ideal audience online and using the knowledge to increase your ROI. What we discussed in this episode:

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How To Use Blogs - Best Practices

 Here's the lowdown on how to make your blog the most optimized and engaged it can be with the following best practices.

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New StringCan Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager – Machelle Norris

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Key Tips for Creating Your Business' Website

Due to the quick and easy access of the internet, the majority of interest in your brand is being sparked by a potential customer's first look at your website, therefore, making your business' site one of the most important components to your success.

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Infographics: A Must for Marketing

What sounds better to you then a more visually appealing, easy on the eyes, interactive version of your website or concept? Well, for us at StringCan Interactive, we can’t think of anything better. I'm talking about infographics.

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Link Building vs. Content Marketing

As a strategic leader in the interactive marketing space, we know all about link building and content marketing. These are two components many companies use to elevate their ranking in search engines. So since they both are used and both work, why would they be going head to head? The reason is because there is a clear winner.

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