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7 Engagement Guidelines To Turn Facebook Likes Into Leads


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Google Analytics Review and the Top 3 Things To Monitor For Businesses

Google Analytics is a free and powerful service that offers a wide variety of web analytics tools to help you learn more about your website and how people interact with it. Over the years this service has evolved to offer some really unique and helpful tools to grant deeper and more accurate insight into the usage of your website. When we sit down with our clients and discuss their websites, many of them are not aware of the numerous analytics features going unused. Many are not even aware that they exist as they often look no further than their total number of hits and where their customers are coming from. So, StringCan decided to create a quick post discussing the benefits of Google Analytics and the importance they hold in the success of your website.

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How To Use Facebook Insights To Better Engage And Understand Your Fans


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How To Create Effective Facebook Ads That Work

These days there is a lot of talking about businesses going social and how important it is to have a strong presence online. Unfortunately, many companies are merely following the herd and making the jump into social waters without testing them first. We at StringCan believe it is important to ask yourself "Is having a social presence right for our company? What are my customers really looking for from our brand?"

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Square - Mobile Credit Card Payments Without Limits

What Is Square?

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Featured on Social Media Examiner - Move over Visa Rewards and Say “Hello” to Facebook Credits


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Top Smartphone Business Apps


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Social Commerce on Facebook - 500 Million People Are in Your Store

This is a guest blog post by Natasha Attal, a social media marketer from Composure Marketing. She helps businesses expand their presence online and writes on the Composure blog where she discusses social media news and optimizing content for effective outreach. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and via email at if you want to get in touch with her directly.

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The Yellow Pages Go Green – Turn in the old Yellow Pages and upgrade to social review sites.

When you receive a new phone book, I bet you automatically discard the old one in the recyclable trash. Next time before you routinely throw out that old phone book, consider this, “When was the last time I actually used this thing?” For most people, me included, the answer may be never. Personally, the newly delivered phone book never makes it past my front door and go straight into the trash. Thinking about this drove me to ask, “What does this five pound paper weight have to offer me that I can’t get from using the Internet? Seems to me, phone books have become a remnant of the past, a leftover dinosaur from another era.

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How to Connect Smart with other Businesses and Business Professionals through LinkedIn

Over 500 million people go to share their stories on Facebook, but if you are one of the 80 million business professionals LinkedIn is the place to go for networking, job opportunities and connecting. But what does that really mean for you and your business? How can you fully leverage LinkedIn to achieve optimal results from the time you invest and connecting with the right people? Those questions and others will be answered in this StringCan Interactive post. LinkedIn was founded in 2003, and just over seven years later is being used in more than 200 countries. As a service that is growing by one new member nearly every second there is a very big opportunity to connect with others; however, far too many users do not make the most of their connections and the many features on LinkedIn, such as Company Pages, finding and locating employees, LinkedIn Answers, or LinkedIn Advertising.

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