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What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Targeting Changes

Big changes have been impacting Facebook advertising and will leave a lot of advertisers left to rethink their targeting strategy. Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has separated from their third-party brokers or Partner Categories such as Acxiom, Epsilon, Experian, TransUnion, and Oracle.

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How Facebook's News Feed Change Will Affect Your Business - And What You Can Do

Very recently, Mark Zuckerberg and his team revealed that Facebook’s newsfeed will be changing in some pretty major ways. He explained that the overarching new direction he was giving his product team was to shift away from focusing on helping users find relevant content to helping them have more meaningful social interactions.

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Savvy Social Media: 3 Ways to Get Focused

As a business owner, you’re constantly peppered with information about social media trends, emerging platforms, new advertising options… you get the idea. Everyone has an opinion about the number of channels you should keep active, the type(s) of content you should push out through each, and the overarching strategy that is going to yield you ROI for your efforts. We take a different approach here at StringCan…

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Getting Focused with Your Family-Centered Business

At StringCan Interactive, we take great pride in assisting family-centered businesses become as successful as they possibly can. If a company serves families with its products or services, we feel called to help them improve and grow. I launched this company in 2010 with the clear vision of delivering informative, direct communication, and strong strategy plans to clients in order for them to scale their companies steadily and successfully. And ever since, our mission has been to communicate with clients in the same manner that we prefer, as well... honestly, directly, and constructively so we can all bring our respective business dreams to life.

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Is My Swim School Falling Behind?

In the twenty-first century digital age, marketing a brick-and-mortar service might seem difficult. After all, many people block online advertisements, tune out emails from businesses or worse mark as spam, and need to be highly incentivized to buy something that requires additional commitment on their part (like showing up to swim lessons). When you think about how to reach more parents with information about your swim school, it’s easy to feel yourself getting lost in the swirl of online marketing terminologies and practices. You might look around and see your competitors successfully handling certain marketing approaches, and wonder how you’re supposed to know how you match up.

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Demographic Deciphering: How to Find the Giving Grandparents in the Summertime

Summer is officially in full swing! Beaches, backyard cookouts, and long-awaited vacations are scattered throughout the family calendar, but for many businesses, it doesn't have to signify an end to your marketing! Most companies spend much of their marketing efforts targeting parents, and while we agree that’s a smart marketing strategy, you may also be missing out on another critical demographic.

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4 Steps to Successfully Use Facebook Geo-Targeting

You’re scrolling through Facebook and you wonder, how do I see ads for businesses near me? How do they know? If you’re in New York, it wouldn’t make sense to receive advertisements for stores and restaurants in Phoenix, and vice versa. Location-specific targeting on Facebook is due to a marketing tactic known as geo-targeting. Geo-targeting allows you to target potential customers in a specific area based on country, region, or city. Facebook has always been a great platform for advertising, but its targeting functionalities are elevated to the next level by allowing businesses to display their ads exactly where people are. Kinda creepy right? Not if you’re a marketer or a business! It’s great!

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Three Ways To Not Wreck Your Reviews

Whichever kind of business you run, whether it’s a franchise, multi-location, B2B, big, or small, it's important that your customers trust you. According to a recent survey, the number one factor that influences how well a customer trusts a company is their perception of the company’s quality of customer service.

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Don’t Let Your Facebook Page Get Lost in the Latest News Feed Shuffle

Facebook was built on the idea of fostering social connections, but over the years it has evolved to encompass nearly anything of interest, including news, business outreach, and events. In an effort to focus more on connecting people, Facebook is making changes to their news feed that places greater importance on stories from friends.  

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Social Media Sinks Businesses: Can You Afford to Sink Time and Resources into Social Media?

Social media can be a great opportunity to promote your business and deliver engaging content to your target audience. But, it could also be the hole in the bottom of your business that is making your boat sink.

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