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Facebook Twitter Debate 2012: Who has your vote?

Is it no longer enough to capture political debates through traditional print and media? Last night, Thursday, September 6, 2012, Barack Obama dropped a tweet that would shatter the record on twitter about political speeches – 52,000 tweets PER MINUTE: “@BarackObama [10:14pm] “If you’re willing to stand with me, and vote for me, & organize with me, we will finish what we started”. Let’s go back in time to the 2008 election. The presidential debate brought in about 1.8 million tweets in 2008– a fraction compared to 2012. To put this into perspective, Twitter servers see that amount of tweets every 60 minutes. Facebook was obsolete in the way it is used today to leverage votes by candidates. It was merely a tool for college students to find the new cool bar in town. Today it is now the debate arena of over 950 million people who log on and actively post.

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Infographics: A Must for Marketing

What sounds better to you then a more visually appealing, easy on the eyes, interactive version of your website or concept? Well, for us at StringCan Interactive, we can’t think of anything better. I'm talking about infographics.

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Black Friday Boasts $648 Million in U.S. Online Holiday Spending, Up 9 Percent vs. Year Ago

Black Friday is over, and shoppers certainly took advantage of many deals. Already those who missed out are looking for Cyber Monday deals. During Black Friday eBay saw a surge in mobile bidding, up 30% compared to last Friday, a trend that matches up with an increase in PayPal payments which were up 27% on Black Friday. PayPal reported an increase in mobile payments of 310% over Black Friday 2009 which could be shoppers paying for auctions, chipping in for holiday group gifts or splitting the cost of a Black Friday lunch. ComScore, today reported U.S. retail e-commerce spending for the first 26 days of the November – December 2010 holiday season. For the holiday season-to-date, $11.64 billion has been spent online, marking a 13-percent increase versus the corresponding days last year. Black Friday (November 26) saw $648 million in online sales, making it the heaviest online spending day to date in 2010 and representing a 9-percent increase versus Black Friday 2009. Thanksgiving Day (November 26), traditionally a lighter day for online holiday spending, achieved a strong 28-percent increase to $407 million.

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