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How To Create A Video Marketing Campaign To Significantly Boost Website Traffic & Sales

StringCan Interactive welcomes it’s very first guest blogger Danielle Thomas. Danielle is a graduate from Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, now working as a freelance writer, entrepreneur and researcher. She covers a wide range of topics for with a particular interest in technology, the Internet, and the emerging business systems of the 21st century.


Until the last few years, online marketing was centered upon text based advertisements and writing articles to boost SEO. These tactics are definitely still relevant and effective, but they are quickly losing ground to video-based efforts. Common sense will tell you that people are much more likely to click play on a video than they are to read a 600 word article, such as this one. Actually, think about this. Right now you are reading an article on creating video marketing campaign. If you had the choice to see someone in front of a camera break down the same insights that will be shared in this article, which would you prefer? Probably the video. And that is the response over 80% of internet users will give.

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Why Video Marketing is Vital in Promoting Your Business

As social media marketing continues to rise, visual marketing like infographics and videos are becoming more and more useful and can easily help your brand’s growth potential sky rocket through platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn’s new Video Ad feature.

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How To Leverage YouTube for your Business

Videos are one of the top shared forms of media online today. Your business has a lot to gain from utilizing your own videos that add value to customers by showing or explaining what you do in a more interesting way than reading a document or press release. Uploading your content to a video hosting service, such as YouTube, increases the number of people learning and talking about your business and adds clarity to who you are and what your business offers. With more than 13 million hours of video uploaded on YouTube during 2010 and with over 3 billion videos viewed every day, YouTube has proven to be a great tool to engage with customers. Today we are going to help your business get started creating videos and leveraging them with your audience through a branded YouTube Channel. Yes, you can simply upload your videos to YouTube through your standard account; however, publishing your branded content through a customized YouTube Channel can prove invaluable to creating leads and improving your brand. If you have not seen them yet, make sure to check out Old Spice and how they created an amazing experience on YouTube.

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