TurningArt.com - The Netflix For Art And Experts of Personalized Facebook Engagement

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October 27, 2011

TurningArt.com - The Netflix For Art And Experts of Personalized Facebook Engagement

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We all love the freedom services like Netflix, Blockbuster, and Redbox has granted us for enjoying an endless variety of movies at home. Now you can experience those same freedoms with framed prints of original works of art through a new and innovative company called TurningArt.

Similar to Netflix, TurningArt will ship you framed prints at your desired frequency for you to enjoy on the walls of your home or office. With TurningArt, subscribers can enjoy new prints on their walls each month with no commitments. Beyond a great business idea, what makes TurningArt so unique is its use of creative and personalized Facebook marketing to build relationships and excite customers about their service through real connections.

TurningArt.com Services

For $10 a month subscription you can receive framed prints of original works of art sent directly to your house. All prints are a uniform size and fit in the frame that is sent to you on your initial order so there is no need to re-hang the frame each time you get a new print. Rotate your art selection from a large variety of artists and styles and change out the art at your desired frequency.

TurningArt offers a wide selection of prints in many different styles. Simply select your new print online, swap it out for your old print when it arrives, and mail it back in the prepaid box your new print arrived in. The best part is, each dollar you spend through your monthly subscriptions is put towards the original art so you can purchase it later. This allows users to end up with something of real value, a one-of-a-kind painting.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DhajmMwrYo?rel=0&wmode=opaque]

Innovative Facebook Marketing

There is no denying that TurningArt has revolutionized home decorating for the modern man. While the idea behind this business on its own was enough to win StringCan over, the innovation behind their marketing campaign was truly what made us fall in love. TurningArt does a great job of personalizing its marketing campaigns to reach the specific interests of a variety of users.

We first had stumbled upon this service thanks to their eye-catching Facebook ads. TurningArt targets their ads with copy and imagery specific to a user's age, demographics, and interests on Facebook. This helps create very effect and attention grabbing ads for a wide variety of potential customers!

Once you make your way to TurningArt's Facebook page you can earn a 1 month free trial for liking their page. Not convinced yet? Their custom built landing page allows you to browse through their print selection right on their Facebook page. You can also personalize your recommendations by using Facebook Connect to customize the selection of prints based on your interests, age, and other demographics pulled directly from your profile.

This innovative use of social media to personalize and enhance a new users experience is a perfect example of creatively utilizing digital engagement to build relationships with potential customers. By showing personalized Facebook ads, offering new users a free month of service, utilizing a creative Facebook landing page, and showcasing personalized recommendations through Facebook Connect the company can instantly show potential customers that they understand what excites them. They can effectively jump-start a relationship and eliminate many of the traditional barriers to entry that other marketing efforts could not have done.

TurningArt showcases a great example for how to use Facebook in the right ways to build relationships. While their approach may not be right for every business, there are certainly lessons to be learned from building relationships through digital engagement.

Tell us how your business uses social media to interact with customers and make connections. Let us know what you think of this new service in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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