Why Video Marketing is Vital in Promoting Your Business

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November 20, 2012

Why Video Marketing is Vital in Promoting Your Business

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As social media marketing continues to rise, visual marketing like infographics and videos are becoming more and more useful and can easily help your brand’s growth potential sky rocket through platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn’s new Video Ad feature.



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When creating videos to promote your business, consider videos like testimonials, success stories, service or product presentations, reviews, videos for email marketing, and many more.

Testimonials and success stories are very similar; the difference being that testimonials are videos created by the customer and is a short clip of what they thought about their experience with your brand, while success stories are more professional, a recorded interview where the customer is asked questions about their experience. Service or product presentations can be extremely beneficial. These presentations should touch on the benefits of your brand, explaining how your service or product is the best in your industry. Reviews can also help your brand awareness grow, many people search for reviews of a service or product before they choose to go with that brand. By having video reviews, you can build your company’s credibility and help ensure that the potential customers are seeing how your brand has benefited others.

If you include videos in your email marketing campaigns you have a greater chance of them being watched due to the fact that the people you have on your list have already invested time in you because they have chosen to receive your emails. By them already getting your emails, they trust in your brand, knowing that what you send them will not be a waste of time and will benefit them in some way.

Once you create your videos, where are you going to display them?

Create a YouTube account and channel for your brand. Develop a presence on the platform and post your videos on a consistent basis to make sure that you become the go-to brand for your industry and build a fan base. Ask your customers to document their experience either through their own testimonial or a success story after you work with them. Post some of your brand's presentations on YouTube so potential customers can see the work you do and what you offer.

The new LinkedIn Video Ads feature. If your company is not listed on LinkedIn, get it up there. Not only does it add to the ability for potential customers to find you but it allows you to present your company on a professional platform and with its new Video Ad feature, it’s another way to promote your brand with videos. "Video ads are currently available through the LinkedIn Ads self-serve interface, our targeted advertising platform that lets large and small advertisers place text and image ads across the LinkedIn site," states LinkedIn's online marketing manager, Will Hambly. Brands will be able to either use their already made YouTube videos or upload new ones. By using these ads your audience on YouTube, along with your other social media pages, will grow due to the addition of LinkedIn users that begin to follow your brand after seeing the ads. "Whether you have a complex B2B service to promote or an inspiring brand message, video ads are a way to educate, persuade, and inspire LinkedIn's 175M members," Hambly wrote.

With internet taking over the majority of advertising for businesses these days, you cannot ignore the potential that video marketing gives your brand. People prefer a visual over having to read an article that takes too much time, visuals are more interesting and compelling and can display your brand’s personality more effectively.

So if you haven’t begun to create videos and you’d like help or more information about how to do so, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help your brand grow. Let us know if you have any questions!

Image via WeVideo

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