Why Digital Marketing Strategy Comes First

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February 12, 2015

Why Digital Marketing Strategy Comes First

Andrea is our Director of Marketing Lead Generation with a passion for positive results, media strategy, optimization, and travel.

Everyone knows that creating a digital strategy plan is a required step before launching major marketing campaigns, developing websites, or producing content. Although this seems to be a given, it can be a struggle to show the value of what can actually be accomplished with a full-scale emersion in the company’s values, differentiators, audience, opportunities, and goals.

Is it possible to move forward with a project without a strategy plan? Of course. Can it be successful? Sure. But will your time and money go down the drain? Quite possibly. Our job as digital marketing experts is to educate our clients on the value of upfront research and the positive effect it will have on their campaigns.

At StringCan, our Engagement Plan touches every facet of a client’s organization, from major branding guidelines to business and sales processes. We take the time to understand not only digital pain points, but all pain points. We dive deep to find the best nuggets of information to help their businesses improve. And most importantly, we identify their audiences by creating personas through validated research and customer feedback.

So what does this all mean? Here’s how it worked for one of our clients after the strategy process was complete:

Client Goal: Increase newsletter sign-up leads

Our Solution: Build campaigns, targeting, messaging, and create landing pages based on the research and personas

Result: 428% increase in monthly email leads

Completing the strategy process allows us to compile a tailored plan for success. We can certainly design a plan without the validated in-depth research and launch a website or campaign, but is that the best option for your company when you could drive a higher ROI with a strategic plan in place?

Let us know your thoughts on strategy. We would love to hear from you!

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