Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Use SlideShare

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July 16, 2015

Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Use SlideShare

Katie is our content expert with a strong passion for writing and social media.

If you aren't using SlideShare yet, your company may be missing out on a huge opportunity to interact with consumers. This creative and popular website allows you to share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars with your target audience. SlideShare's content covers a wide range of topics and industries, and it is conveniently categorized. Overall, the website enables you to learn from others and share thought leadership.

Although it may sound like SlideShare is just another content hub, it possesses more power and capabilities than you even realize. In fact, it offers many opportunities to market your company ─ for free!

Search Engine Optimization

When you upload a presentation to SlideShare, the website auto-transcribes every word in it and places this text underneath your presentation. This allows your content to be easily found on search engines, meaning that more people will learn about your brand. You can also include clickable buttons and links in your SlideShare content, which can direct internet users to your company website and social media pages. As a result, the SEO powers of SlideShare can increase brand awareness, website traffic, and social engagement!

Higher Google Ranking

Due to its credibility and functionality, SlideShare content ranks very high in Google. In fact, for some searches, SlideShare links appear before images, Wikipedia links, and other popular results. You can also incorporate keywords into your SlideShare content so that it ranks higher in Google for specific terms. Considering that Google is the most highly used search engine, appearing early in its searches is vital to increasing brand exposure.

Lead Generation

Another amazing feature of SlideShare is that it offers options for lead generation. Not only can you include lead forms on your presentations, but you can fully customize them! When they are filled out, the information is recorded and you are instantly notified. You can also include links on your presentation that direct the user to other form fills on your website, if you prefer to do so.

Connect with Professionals

Because SlideShare's purpose is to discover and share information, many business owners use the website to learn from other professionals and ultimately connect with them. In fact, SlideShare receives 500 percent more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Once you create a profile, you can follow other professionals and/or businesses. After doing so, you can easily learn from and network with those in your industry.

Measureable Results

SlideShare conveniently offers a detailed analytics dashboard so you can see how your branded content is performing. For instance, you can measure SlideShare likes, followers, comments and views, which allows you to gauge your influence and popularity. You can also track how many Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest shares your content is getting. Finally, and most importantly, you can analyze how much website traffic SlideShare is generating for your company.

Ultimately, SlideShare can make your company's content more searchable and beneficial. Because of this, SlideShare can generate more recognition, leads, and consumers for your business. Considering that this online platform is so valuable and completely free, it would be impractical to avoid its existence!

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