Why Your Company Should Utilize Video Marketing

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April 22, 2015

Why Your Company Should Utilize Video Marketing

Claire is a curious and motivated digital marketing intern with a the love for digital marketing business.

We all get distracted by videos, sometimes even spending hours on YouTube watching ridiculous videos, because they’re engaging and addicting. While reading is a great way to learn, many people are visually-oriented and can absorb information better through video. Also, few people have the time (or should I say patience) to read pages and pages of boring content. For these reasons, among with many others, video marketing can be a very effective way to promote your company.

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Show Off Your Brand

With videos, you can tell consumers what your company is all about, show what you have to offer, and teach consumers valuable information about your industry. This is also a great way to show visitors the culture of your company. Your website visitors will be much more interested in watching a fun and short video to learn about your company instead of reading copy.

Spice Up Your Website

Videos can spice up your website by providing content that differs from a long article full of text. Videos give you the power to explain your product or service in half the time, and with little effort required from the website visitor. This can help keep your audience interested and engaged. Videos are the next best thing to communicating with your consumer one-to-one. Video allows brands to show emotion and personality without even talking with the consumer.

Give Your Product Personality

By giving your product more than a short description, videos may really captivate your audience to learn more. Videos give you the opportunity to show off everything that your product can do. According to Koozai, videos provide a 74% increase in visitors’ understanding of a product. With these statistics, and your ability to give your product its own personality, failing isn’t even an option!

Video Content is the Future of Content Marketing

Many researchers agree that video marketing is the future of content marketing. According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer traffic by 2017. Video is naturally engaging to consumers, and because of that, it is becoming vital to both large and small businesses. Are high costs a concern? Not really. Because of apps suchs as Vine, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., video content has become significantly less expensive.

Video is not being used just for for just entertainment anymore. It has quickly become the preferred medium for communication between brands and consumers. As video marketing becomes more popular, it will be more necessary for businesses to take advantage of its impact.

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