The 21st century is the ‘Age of Digital Marketing,’ which means that every significant brand must include an Internet presence encompassing everything from inbound marketing, to SEO, to easy online ordering and troubleshooting. As these techniques become increasingly sophisticated and specialized, digital marketing agencies have become key players in brand development. This begs the question; When it comes to our company brand, what is our responsibility and what is the agency’s?

The answer is simpler than you might think. You, the brand owner, are responsible for determining exactly how you want to represent your brand to consumers. What are the most powerful reasons to choose your brand over your competition’s? What do you want your customers to think of when they see your brand online? What feelings do you want your brand to inspire? What pain points do you solve for your customers and why should they choose you?

Your main job as a business is to provide the best solutions to your target audience through your products and services, so it’s okay if you don’t have digital marketing rocket scientists on your team. It’s your responsibility to identify your business strengths, weaknesses, and decide if you want your digital marketing agency to be in the trenches with your marketing team, or if you want to hand your marketing efforts over to them to free up more of your precious resources.

Your digital marketing agency, on the other hand, is responsible for translating your brand into messages that impact consumers in the ways you’ve specified. Your agency may conduct research to help you identify specific target audiences and media outlets, and will definitely create a digital marketing plan to put your brand in front of the people most likely to become leads and then customers.

They may use strategies, like inbound marketing, to help you create relationships with the public that guide potential customers your way before a need even arises. They’ll use techniques like SEO and content management to make your brand appear when consumers search the web and offer them information that educates and informs them about your products and/or services. Your digital marketing agency’s job is to become ingrained in your brand, help identify your gaps, and guide you down the most strategic path to achieving your marketing objectives.  

The relationship between brand and agency is dynamic and reciprocal. The brand must constantly refine and re-imagine itself to fit the changing needs of the market and the agency must employ the most sophisticated tools available to bring the brand to the attention of its most promising potential customers. If both parties take full ownership of their responsibilities in this relationship, the outcome will be a flexible, responsive path to growth. If you need help discovering what kind of agency would best fit your business needs, please contact us!