At StringCan, one of the things that we are most proud of is our commitment to our culture and our team. We constantly strive to find ways to make our employees happy; we’ve found one of the best ways to ensure employee satisfaction is through a flexible work environment. 

Zenefits, the HR all-in-one company that helps us scale and seamlessly manage most of our HR tasks, recognized us in a recent case study for our flexible work environment. We strongly stand behind this model and we’re pretty proud to be innovators in the workplace, especially in the agency world. Some of the reasons we believe a flexible work environment benefits our business and employees, and can benefit yours, is because it:

Boosts Employee Productivity

Only 7% of workers reported in a Flexjobs survey that the office is where they are most productive. Many employees report that they would be more productive working at home due to fewer interruptions from colleagues, fewer distractions, reduced stress related to commuting, and having a more comfortable working environment.

Employees Are More Satisfied With a Flexible Schedule

Zenefits found that 73% of survey respondents were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the flexible work arrangements their employer provides them. Employees reported that they actually communicate better with their colleagues when they have a flexible schedule. The downside of not having a flexible schedule policy? In the same report, over ⅓ of employees agreed or strongly agreed that they would likely leave their employer because they don’t offer certain flexible arrangements.

Employees Want Flexible Schedules

Flexjobs reports that 80% of employees valued flexible schedules over other work benefits. Another source, Medium, said that 89% of employers reported higher retention rates simply by offering a flexible work option, even if employees chose not to use it. HubSpot’s 2018 Agency Growth Report also included stats about flexible schedules and stated it’s going to become the rule rather than the exception in order to retain and attract top talent.

Employees are Happier

Employees with flexible work options are happier, according to a 2016 study published in American Sociological Review. The study found that the workers with flexible schedules were just as productive and worked just as many hours as other workers. However, they reported less stress, less burnout, and lower psychological distress as well as increased job satisfaction. In another survey, 97% of workers said that they expected a job with greater flexibility would have a greater (positive) impact on their quality of life.

It Works

At StringCan, we have 100% trust in our employees from the moment we hire them. Why spend all of the time and energy into recruiting a rockstar-unicorn-superperson and not trust them? We know our employees are happier when they have the flexibility they need to help integrate work and life; this greater satisfaction leads to loyal employees who are more productive. As long as our employees communicate their plan and get their work done, it doesn’t matter where.

Check out our careers page for job postings, when available, and as always feel free to contact us!