Project Description

About Health World

Health World Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting comprehensive health and safety education, came to StringCan to improve their e-learning marketing efforts. Health World’s programs offer online access to lesson plans that meet national standards while providing educational resources perfect for individual classrooms, large districts, and homeschooling needs. The courses incorporate easy-to-use online tools, interactive materials, and printable activities to make learning fun and simple!

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After guiding Health World through our digital strategy process, we began discussing the Google Ad Grants program they had been managing internally for more than a year. Non-profit organizations are eligible for a $10,000 ad grant program through Google that can change their web results literally overnight if leveraged correctly.

We were confident we could increase their results. Traditionally speaking, agencies that favor strategy before tactics can create highly targeted campaigns based on validated personas. The big caveat is “leveraged correctly” and this is where we came in.

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We have learned from years of experience that knowing who your ideal audience is, and how you are going to improve their lives, is paramount to a successful digital strategy. While these two components are important, if you want to really achieve highly effective, ROI-driven results, you’ll need to go a few steps further. For Health World we dug deep to understand the entire buyer’s journey, which first starts with understanding the business. With Health World Education, we successfully guided them through our entire Engagement Plan Process, which included:

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Persona Development

Understanding Health World’s target audience and transforming that information into fictional representations of their ideal customers.

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Competitor Audit

Knowing what Health World’s competitors are doing, and not doing online, allows us to determine what’s working and where there are opportunities with low competitor engagement.

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Industry Survey

In order to position Health World, we had to thoroughly understand their industry and their target audiences. We conducted industry surveys and round table interviews to fully grasp all available opportunities in the market, as well as any potential impediments for our clients.

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Goals and Objectives

This process drives our digital strategy, and we spent a significant amount of time working with Health World to truly understand and define their end-goals for their website and digital marketing roadmap.

By the Numbers

Increase in Traffic
Maximum Cost-Per-Click
New Sales Revenue
Retention Rate


Although Health World was successfully using the free program to garner over 500 clicks per month, we became excited by the opportunity and challenge to drastically increase their numbers with a mandated limited budget per click (under $2.00 per click). From that point, we rebuilt their PPC campaign based on the personas we created based on our initial strategy research. Initially, our goal was to generate 2,000 clicks per month. By the second week of the campaign it was driving more than 1,000 visits per week, more than double the prior monthly average.

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  • Competitor Audit

  • Persona Development

  • Google Ads Grants

Hear What Health World Has to Say!

We have been really happy with the results of the Google Grants PPC campaign since StringCan took it over, the 390% increase in traffic to our site has been exciting. We are now working with StringCan to optimize our site so we can continue to increase conversions and drive leads.

If you want these kind of results, contact us!