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About Profile Precision Extrusions

Profile Precision Extrusions (PPE),  the industry leader in designing and manufacturing the smallest and most complex aluminum extrusion designs for a wide variety of industries, came to StringCan to improve their manufacturing marketing efforts. Their parts can be found in medical devices such as surgical instruments, aircraft, satellite cooling systems, road and mountain bikes, and much more.

manufacturing marketing
manufacturing marketing


When PPE came to us they had had a profitable previous year but wanted to maximize their marketing efforts and they knew that investing in digital marketing was the way to do just that. Since their business is very niche, they came to us looking for a company with a plan on how to reach their target audience and take their business to the next level.

manufacturing aluminum pieces
creating aluminum extrusion designs


The first step we took PPE through was to develop a digital marketing roadmap for PPE. This consisted of persona development, a website and SEO audit, an audit of PPE’s social media presence, and keyword research to determine what keywords are most used by their target audience. After the digital roadmap was complete, we used our detailed strategic findings to put together a Google Ad plan targeting the three personas identified for the launch of their revised digital marketing campaign.


The first year we launched the Google Ads campaign using the strategic roadmap we developed we saw a 59% increase in conversions from Google Ads. In the time we have been managing PPE’s digital marketing strategy, there has been a 128% increase in Google Ads conversions.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions
manufacturing marketing for PPE


  • Strategy

  • Website Rebuild

  • Google Ads

  • Content Optimization

  • Content Syndication

  • Lead Magnet Development

  • Reporting

  • Consulting

Hear What Profile Precision Extrusions Has to Say!

Since we focus on being the experts at ‘small,’ we decided to let StringCan Interactive be the experts at digital marketing. Through StringCan’s strategic process, we identified who our audience is, how to speak to them, and how to best interact with them online and leveraged this data to optimize our website, SEO, and paid media campaigns. The increase in leads has been very exciting.

Tom Gilluly, Sales Manager at Profile Precision Extrusions

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