Here we are a few short (or very long) months after massive life-altering changes post-COVID-19, dubbed the “coronacoaster.” Oh yeah, you felt the jarring ups and downs, your neck is sore and your tummy is queasy, and you’re really not sure if the ride is over or about to get crazier. We hear you, we feel you. Many states, organizations, and people, are beginning to establish a new sense of grounding and routine. We’re trying to restart from a dead stop, and that dear friends is tough. And we’re here to help. We are rich with the entrepreneurial spirit and are providing businesses a framework for communicating with customers that you’re ‘back to business.” Check it out!

Step 1: Communication with Your Customers
Step one here is sponsored by Captain Obvious. Communicating with your customers, period, is always a good strategy. It’s the anchor of all good and healthy relationships. How often have you been bothered by the fact that a vendor didn’t reply to you? Or that your question was answered days later? Without the face to face conversations it’s even more important than ever before to open those lines of communication up.

When you do start communications with your customers, make sure that you’re aligned with your marketing department and brand standards.

Step 2: Make a Plan
Step two is also an obvious next step, but likely the one where you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. You can make a plan, and it’s ok if it changes! You’ve got to start somewhere, and most businesses are in the same boat. Whatever works to get you started on thinking about, and planning for, your back to business and reopening strategy. Pick a date where you’d ideally love to be open to customers or clients and work backward. One task at a time, that’s how you start building momentum to get back to business.

Step 3: Get the Word Out
Step three in your back to business communications to customers is to simply let them know what you’re doing. If you’re sending an email blast, start with the bullet points to answer their questions. What are your hours? How can I make an appointment or a purchase? What are the steps to making a purchase? And what are you doing to make me feel safe as a customer? The same applies to social media posts and other advertising avenues.

Make sure at this point that any of your online advertising platforms have updated, correct, and cohesive information. Does Google My Business show the same hours as your website and Yelp? You want to look organized, on top of your game, and like you’ve got your sh*t together.

Step 4: Adjust, Refine, and Keep on Keeping On
While the coronacoaster might start slowing down, there are bound to be a few bumps in the track. You might have a product delay, staffing issues, or a flat tire. Don’t be too hard on yourself and try to pace yourself as you get your business back on track. Now is your time to shine, to showcase improvements, to refine your communications, and to provide your special something to your community and customers.

We’re glad you’re thinking about getting back to business! We’ve created special packages to help you become even stronger. Learn more about our Back to Business program or feel free to contact us to discuss strategies for your business.