Your buyer personas are practically your digital marketing strategy’s bread and butter and your bullseye all rolled into one. It only makes sense that “63% of marketers create content by buyer persona.” Personas do just that – they help you personalize your content, offerings, and messages to ensure you’re being heard and understood by your target market. In fact, you’re twice as likely to be heard if you can personalize your ads to the pain points of your buyer personas.

Check out the following three blogs to learn how to develop and utilize buyer personas to better focus your business and stop wasting valuable resources.

  1. 4 Things I Love About Buyer Personas
    • StringCan CEO, Jay Feitlinger, shares the things he loves best about buyer personas and why you have to have them in your business. A pretty strong statement makes his case, “Your buyer personas can help inform your decisions about every aspect of your business and chances are, they’ll improve your customer’s experience and help you achieve your goals.” Enough said!
  2. How Personas Help Inbound Marketing and Sales
    • Inbound marketing is an amazing way to focus your resources and efforts into the marketing strategies that are working well for your business. In this blog we dive more deeply into the persona’s role in marketing and sales and how to align your smarketing efforts to nail that bullseye.
  3. Not all Personas are Right for You
    • Have you ever gone fishing with expensive bait, only to be catching the wrong fish? Not only are buyer personas important, but the converse or negative persona, is just as important. Just like the bait, not every customer is your ideal customer. Learn how not to waste energy, money and resources on these personas.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re ready to dive even deeper into buyer personas we’ve got the perfect resource for you: How Personas Help Inbound Marketing and Sales. 

With the help of these resources, your businesses buyer personas will be in tip top shape. If you’re interested in learning more about buyer or negative personas, or how to utilize digital marketing in your marketing plans, feel free to contact us! We’re happy to help.