Trust in business is important, period. But trust in the wellness industry is utterly non-negotiable. In order to be one of the best wellness companies, you must also be known for being a trustworthy brand. Here’s our take. 


Health Is A No-Gambling Zone

With certain products and services, people are generally willing to take a risk. Try out a new plush pillow for your sofa? Sure. Invest in a new app that helps you with time management? Ok, why not? But gamble on vitamins, an IV drip, or an unproven beauty procedure? Eh, no thanks. 

Wellness is all about our bodies, minds, and our overall health – really it’s an asset we as humans are tasked with managing. Especially as consumers become more and more educated, we’re not willing to take a risk on something we can’t trust. We don’t want to expose ourselves to harmful ingredients or bold claims that may not pan out. There’s too much at stake (our actual bodies), which is why the wellness industry has to work doubly (triply!) hard to establish trust in the eyes of their buyers. 


The Industry Has A Perception Problem

Another reason why even the best wellness companies need to prioritize their trustworthiness is because the industry hasn’t always had the best reputation. There have been plenty of celebrity-endorsed concepts (waist training a.k.a. diaphragm crushing, anyone?) and flash-in-the-pan trends (like a certain brand of sneakers that supposedly helped wearers burn extra calories just by wearing them) that have left a sour taste in consumers’ mouths. 

Simply put, the wellness industry is overcrowded. Consumers are bombarded with information, ideas and sales pitches continually (many of which aren’t credible and/or are in direct opposition to one another). This noise means that potential buyers are bound to be overwhelmed or even annoyed by the time they hear about your company and offerings. It also means they’re on guard and poised to be more cautious. 

Just because other wellness companies and their products or ideas have been discredited doesn’t mean yours will automatically be, as well. And just because there’s a lot of noise in the wellness industry doesn’t mean you can’t have a voice. It just means that you have extra hurdles to jump over in the process of becoming a trustworthy brand. Being aware of this is the first step to overcoming it. 


Validation All The Time, Everywhere

How does a brand gain trust? First, understand where your buyers are conducting their research. Consumers spend more time than ever before reading reviews and researching products and services that may impact their health. Perform an audit of your digital presence, including your product reviews, ratings and public comments (e.g. what people are saying on social media). It should become clear rather quickly where your holes are. 

Second, are there any governing bodies in your industry that customers trust? Third-party endorsements from credible associations can go a long way in instantly positioning you as a trustworthy brand. Getting such a stamp of approval may require an application, a fee or a convoluted submittal process. But, it’s worth it. Take those steps and get that validation. It’s the difference between establishing trust with your buyers, or being viewed skeptically. 

There’s a lot you can do with your digital marketing efforts to increase your trustworthiness as a wellness brand. Not sure where to start? Give us a call!