We specialize in digital marketing strategy and implementation for multi-location businesses, franchises, and swim schools. But what does that mean and how does it relate to your unique business? We don’t play games at StringCan; our team currently works with swim schools and recognizes the value they bring to their communities.

How can someone market for you and represent your brand without having experienced your swim school, seen you in action, breathed the same air or swam in the same pool as your customers, and come to understand your goals? The truth is, they can’t. In this ebook you will see how we are different than the average lead generation agency.

How do you measure the ROI from your marketing? We present high level formulas to give you a taste of our process. We work to ensure that before you go down the path of marketing online, you understand why you are pursuing certain tactics and have attainable goals in place. Metrics must be measured in order to gauge the quality of your results.

How well do you know your buyer personas? Do you know how they are motivated online? Do you understand their perception of you? How do you plan to attract more customers like your ideal buyer and how do you weed out customers that would be a bad fit for your business? More importantly, how are you retaining your swimmers today?

How are your future customers finding you online today? We will show you our method of attracting more fish to your growing school.

Click below to download our ebook which details out our process for helping you understand and attract your ideal customers and turn them into sales.  For more information, book a call with our team.





Image by rangeyo via FlickrCC