At StringCan Interactive, we take great pride in assisting family-centered businesses become as successful as they possibly can. If a company serves families with its products or services, we feel called to help them improve and grow. I launched this company in 2010 with the clear vision of delivering informative, direct communication, and strong strategy plans to clients in order for them to scale their companies steadily and successfully. And ever since, our mission has been to communicate with clients in the same manner that we prefer, as well… honestly, directly, and constructively so we can all bring our respective business dreams to life.

And while a vision and a mission are very important, we know that both of these things have to be followed by real results. We constantly strive to not only meet the expectations that our clients have of our team, but also exceed their expectations. And if you’re part of a business that markets and sells to parents or families, we want to help you too.

Keep reading, as we share with you our tips on how you can get focused and position your family-centered business for success.

  1. Wear Your Client’s Shoes

It might sound simple, but the first step you should take is to look at your business from your client or customer’s perspective. How would you like for a family-centered business to provide solutions to you and your family? Are there certain factors that you have in mind that you would prefer to address first? Also keep in mind how receptive your clients are in regards to how you communicate with them. When you make phone calls, do they always go to voicemail? Do busy parents prefer text messages instead? How are your open rates when you send emails? This can all help you understand client communication preferences. While not all customers will be the same, you should be able to deduce trends and patterns that can enable you to rethink your outreach tactics.

  1. Solve Customer Problems with Sustainable Solutions

If you’re wondering about how your customers like what you’re giving them, don’t hesitate to ask your clients for feedback. Send a simple survey via email and ask what they like about engaging with you and what you can improve upon. Make the survey fairly short (no more than 10 questions) and include radio buttons so they can quickly select the choice that resonates with them most. This will increase the likelihood of getting a busy parent, for example, to take your survey. And once you receive the responses, you’re much further along in understanding what your clients are looking so you can satisfy them on a consistent basis.

  1. Speak Your Mind and Keep an Open Mind

We have mixed feelings about the old mantra: “the customer is always right.” Of course you want to bend over backward to help your customers and always give them extra in terms of customer service. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t express your own opinion as well. Remember that you’re the expert in your chosen field, and customers will appreciate hearing your reasoning behind certain choices and being educated by you. Just be sure to be conversational, rather than forceful or defensive, and approach each client and situation with an open mind. Your customers can learn from you, and you can also learn from them, so open honest dialogue is key.

  1. Be Smart About Social Media

All of the tips above lead us to improving your digital marketing. There are a variety of social media platforms that you can use including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We advise that you conduct thorough research about your target market before deciding on platform(s) in which you’ll invest your time and resources. When you use social media in a savvy way on a consistent basis, you’ll slowly (and steadily) begin to notice an increase in your engagement. Then you can start to keep an accurate and in-depth record of how prospective and current clients are receiving your brand’s message.

We hope this is helpful for you in marketing your family-centered business, and we would love to talk with you more about your specific business’ needs. Contact us and let’s chat!