You’ve busted your buns on your content and it has served you well. But maybe it’s been a while since you’ve given it some attention. It’s time to slap a little blush on your content and give it a makeover, SEO style. Here are some tips to optimize your content for search engine results.

Incorporate Keywords

There’s a misconception that using keywords is so 1990 and can dilute the effectiveness of your content, but this is only true if you use them incorrectly. In this very post, we’re incorporating keywords we’ve identified to be relevant to our ideal audience (you!). This does two things: 1) Ensures your personas will have an easier time finding your content, and 2) Helps you understand how to tailor your content to be more useful to your audience. Try using Google’s Keyword Ad Planner in order to find keywords that pertain to your topics, and are (ideally) low in competition.

Remember Your Headers

Headers in your content aren’t just “nice-to-have’s”; they’re critical to improving your search rankings. Be sure to write headers that describe your content, and if you can, include a keyword in your headers for extra content optimization impact. H1 headers should provide an overview of your content, and H2 headers describe your main topics.

Make Use of Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions tend to be forgotten (or an afterthought) in digital content, but if you want to optimize search engine results, they must be used. These important descriptions are what your audience will see when your blog post or video pops up in search results. The meta description can be as many as 155 characters, including spaces, and summarizes what’s on a page. Put in keywords here if you can, provided they sound natural and help describe your content.

Check Your Load Time.

Finally, don’t let images and videos slow down your page loading times. Slow loading times can smudge your blush and hurt your SEO standing, and are pretty preventable. If you’re not sure how to improve loading times, check out this resource.

As you work to optimize search engine results, remember that a little blush goes a long way and a solid SEO content strategy can work wonders in inbound marketing. Use the tips mentioned above, and you’re sure to see a spike in your rankings. If you still need more guidance on content optimization we’re here to help!