For B2B companies looking to demystify their marketing and fuel growth, it can feel like there are as many agencies out there as there are cacti in Arizona. But even if it’s hard to comb through all the copy and figure out which is the best fit for your business, it’s important to take the time and be thoughtful in your search. To help you learn more about how we fuel B2B business growth at StringCan, here’s a look at our growth marketing services that give you a competitive advantage. 

More Than Marketing 

For most, it will be “marketing” and the tactics that fall under that umbrella term. But for us? It’s growth. This is why we’re a growth marketing agency and not just a marketing agency. That one word makes all the difference. Sure, we’re still experts in marketing, but we use strategic marketing to accelerate your B2B business’ growth. 

Second, think about an agency’s process. It should be defined and proven if they’ve been successful with other clients in the past. When you start with us at StringCan, our first step is to assess your current business obstacles and opportunities. Our CEO, Jay Feitlinger, will meet with you for a kick-off executive session in which he, Kali (Account Strategist), and I (Account Manager) will uncover your goals and performance barriers. 

Then, we’ll book one-on-one meetings with applicable members of your team to gather additional perspectives and form a complete picture of your growth obstacles and opportunities. This foundation is critical to our work together. 

Growth Market Strategies 

Tactics are nothing without a strategy, which is why our next step is to host a deep dive with your team. If needed, we’ll go through a workshop to drill down further into your obstacles and opportunities, ultimately sharing the insights gained with your leadership team. 

After we have deep knowledge about you and your business, we’ll work with you to identify target market segments, craft buyer personas, audit your existing efforts, and develop the right growth market strategies to get you to your goals. 

Strategy to Action 

Finally, we take all this strategy and turn it into action. Our proven process is what gives us our own competitive advantage in the field of marketing agencies, as we take the time to really get to know who you are, why your business exists, and what you need to grow before ever making strategic and tactical recommendations. This matters because it condenses the time from when we start our engagement to when you see results – and it amplifies those results, too. 

If you want the type of agency that will take marching orders (e.g. “Hey, run some Google ads for us!”), then – respectfully – we’re not your agency. But if you want a true partner who lays a strategic foundation and cares about your growth enough to focus unrelentingly on that – we can see a real future together. Ready to grow? Give us a call to learn more about growth marketing services.