If you ask B2B leaders what their biggest frustrations are with marketing agencies, you’ll likely hear one complaint more than most: “We can’t see clear results.” Or, the follow-up concern related to proving adequate ROI for their spending. We don’t blame them; being able to measure clear marketing results and ROI is incredibly important to the growth of an organization. This is why we’re unwavering in our strategy-first approach and agency accountability, which improve marketing performance and accelerate growth. Here’s how this works at StringCan. 

Strategy-First Drives Results

We’re not just a marketing agency; we’re a growth marketing agency. This distinction is paramount because it means we don’t view your marketing efforts in a vacuum. Instead, we’re all-in on using marketing and other tools to help you grow strategically. 

So, what does strategy-first mean? We get to know you and your business on an incredibly in-depth level, then handcraft a strategy that is unapologetically focused on driving results. This means we ensure your growth market strategies, including your business strategy and marketing strategy, are aligned so that your outcomes will be too. 

Once we nail down the right strategic direction for your entire business, we get to work layering on tactics that support these strategies. Then, it’s go time. Our whole team takes part in producing results for our clients, and our clients help execute our action plans too. 

Clear Accountability & Tangible Outcomes

Of course, the next question is how and when agency accountability factors in. The answer? ASAP. As soon as we start working together, we set defined, measurable goals. Then our team creates a marketing dashboard for clients to track our efforts whenever they please. 

We also create accountability plans for ourselves and our clients, knowing that it takes commitment from both sides to make growth happen. In our accountability meetings, we report new metrics and talk through how we’re progressing against our goals. This prevents important things from falling through the cracks or clients being left wondering what’s happening and what impact it’s having. 

Finally, we keep track of all ROI (actual and adjustments) and readily share that with our clients. This keeps them apprised of how effective our strategies and tactics are and whether we’re efficiently meeting goals.

Every business is different, and that’s why every business must have different strategies and action plans in order to grow. Ready to partner with an agency that understands this and gets results? Give us a call!