Trying to get a person’s attention can be difficult. There is so much noise and so many distractions that finding a way to get someone’s attention has become extremely challenging. A CTA is a great marketing tool for your business to clearly and concisely tell the visitor what you want them to do in order to move them along the sales funnel. Diction is key in having a persuasive CTA for engaging the right visitors, and in turn, motivating them to take the action you desire.

Creating CTAs can be a little tricky, so here are 5 tips to make effective CTAs to use throughout your website.

  1. Make It Personal

This is essential when differentiating your company from the competition. You want the people viewing the CTA to feel as if you are speaking directly to them. Make it relatable by focusing on your audience’s pain points, and more importantly giving them the right solution. At StringCan, our audience is often unsure of what is wrong with their websites or even where to start with digital marketing. They are really busy but need some guidance, so to personalize our CTA we spoke directly to their pain points by offering a free website consultation. We felt the best way to convert our visitors would be to leverage smart CTAs, which allows you to personalize the CTA based on certain criteria. For example, if the visitor is anonymous or has previously filled out a form, then they will see a differentiated CTA.


  1. Simple Is Better

With the advances in technology, handheld devices easily allow for visual ads. Companies can take full advantage of this opportunity by creating captivating visual content and CTA’s can be very influential. If the graphics are overwhelming or there is too much text, users will hit the back arrow fast! The color choice is something to keep in mind as well; try sticking to a single theme preferably using your brand colors. If you need some tips on strengthening your company’s brand check out our blog on building a strong brand personality. Keep the CTA simple enough to direct their attention, and interesting enough to entice them to proceed down your funnel. For StringCan, we make most of our calls to action in teal so that it stands out on the page and stays consistent with our brand guidelines. This graphic is simple enough to not be distracting and the visitors are easily directed where to go next.


  1. Challenge The Viewer

This is where you can have fun with the CTA. Think about it, the second someone says don’t do something it automatically makes it the number one thing you want to do! Challenge the visitors’ inner child by telling them ‘No!’, it just may lead them to act otherwise. Edgy or provocative CTAs grab the visitors attention and make them want to read more, check out some examples of edgy CTAs here. Curiosity will drive people to the point of doing just the opposite of what you instructed. Just like when you were a kid and wanted someone to play with you, you’d yell “I bet you can’t catch me,” and it would get all your friends to come play. Challenge your visitors with a similar approach.


  1. Make Them Feel Special

People love feeling like they are a part of something! Be sure to do this in your CTA by inviting them into your company’s member club or with special discounts or promotions. You know the feeling you get when your friend says they need to tell you a secret? You feel so special and powerful that you are trusted with this piece of information. This is the feeling your customers will get when they are invited into the membership. Having this be a slide-in CTA will grab their attention and make them feel even more exclusive since it’s not on the page right away.

       5. Things To Avoid

The most important thing to avoid is being a digital used car salesman. You want to be authentic otherwise the call to action will seem like a scam. If your CTA doesn’t have some sophistication to it, people will just ignore it. A CTA needs to represent your company in a professional manner so avoid using things like multiple exclamation marks and flashing graphics.

 Wrapping It All Up

Overall, having an effective CTA on your company’s website is fairly simple if you follow these tips.  You want your visitors to take a particular action, so make it easy for them. If your CTA is done correctly you will be converting the right visitors and they will be happy they found you!

Comment below and share your thoughts on how to create an effective CTA for your website!

Image via Pixabay