91 percent of 18-34 year old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The power of the review is indisputable. How is your business taking advantage of the review generation? Your business would absolutely benefit from an increase in not just five star reviews, but more Google reviews in general. Below are tips for you on how to improve Google review rating scores and ultimately get more 5 star reviews. 

You won’t get reviews unless you ask

Most consumers won’t go out of their way to leave a review on their own. That is, unless something really memorable, good or bad, happens. People are pressed for time, and leaving a review is one more thing competing for their attention. It’s up to you, then, to ask them for it. There’s very little chance you’ll get more reviews if you don’t, and the worst someone can say is no. 

Keep your verbiage casual, and upbeat. Something like, “Are you loving our product? Leave a review here!” is a friendly and inviting way to phrase a review request. Many people won’t follow through, but some will – and you’re all but guaranteed to get more reviews by asking than you would get if you didn’t. 

Make it easy for people to leave reviews

Asking is the first part of the equation, but then you should do everything you can to make the process quick and easy for your reviewer. Add a review link to your website (custom Google review links are great for this), and consider using a pop-up to request reviews. 

Then, take it a step further and include a few sentences for your customers to use as a starting point. Include specifics about your product or the work you’ve done together, and ask them to edit it as they see fit. This often helps prompt someone who would otherwise be too busy to craft a response themselves. 

Make it someone’s business

It’s been said that “everybody’s business is nobody’s business” – and the same is true with your online review strategy. If you leave it up to chance, or just assume someone in your company will address reviews, odds are that nobody will. 

Instead, designate one person to own your business reviews. This person should be tasked with asking for reviews directly and responding to customer reviews within 24 hours. They should also regularly check out your competitors’ reviews. By seeing what their customers may be complaining about, you can make sure you’re not making the same mistakes with your customers.

Reviews are not something that will happen on their own. In order to get more five star reviews, make sure you’re asking for them, making the process easy for your customers and giving ownership of your business’ reviews to one person on your team. Stick with these steps, and you’re sure to see a big uptick in the quality – and quantity – of your Google online reviews in no time. Give us a call if you’d like help setting your review strategy and marketing strategy.