Maybe you have a strong social media strategy in place and have used it as a tool to capture more leads. Or maybe you’ve been beating the drum about social media to the rest of your executive team, only to be told you can’t get the resources you need to effectively manage and improve your digital presence. Either way, you might be thinking there’s more untapped opportunity in the social landscape. Can you really use social media for business growth? Is it possible that pursuing this the right way could actually increase revenue?

The answers are yes and yes. But you have to approach it the right way. Here’s how to use Facebook and how to use Instagram – and why – to see an ultimate boost in your bottom line.

They’re still where your consumers are.

Even though a lot of people claim to be tired of social media platforms, the vast majority are still present and active on these sites. In fact, 84 percent of businesses say Facebook is one of the most important social media channels for them, and 10 percent say that Instagram is. With the extensive reach through organic posting, and the targeting capabilities and efficacy of paid advertising on these channels, it’s safe to say you still need to be on them because your consumers still are.

But you need to understand how content is changing.

It’s not enough to have Facebook and Instagram profile pages, or occasionally interact with your customers on these channels. You also need to understand the way that digital content – and the average consumer – are evolving. Here are some important tips to cater to these changes:

  • Post content that will keep your viewers’ eyes on it for a longer length of time (this is one of the criteria for wider reach)

  • Fill out every single field of your profile pages

  • Use plenty of videos (with text or subtitles, as many people watch without sound nowadays), and don’t post too many promotions (you’ll get penalized)

And understand how social media content can help drive sales.

Sometimes even very savvy marketers don’t see a direct line from social media to their revenue, but there is a definite tie-in we all need to keep in mind. Consider the following stats:

  • 60 percent of consumers visit a Facebook page before going to the business’ store

  • 80 percent of people are more inclined to buy from a company after reviewing their Facebook page

  • 58 percent of consumers engage with a Facebook or Instagram ad at least once prior to making a purchase from a brand

In order to really increase the results you’re getting from paid Facebook and Instagram advertising, and organic content, here are a few more tips:

Use emotion and bold colors in your content (both will help you stand out in the sea of content)

Make sure to capture visitors’ names and email addresses on a landing page, so you can follow up and actually try to build a relationship with them

Then… remember to nurture these relationships and close the deal!

While some people still dismiss the idea of social media for business growth, using your social channels in intelligent and targeted ways can truly help you increase revenue over time. Make sure you’re offering value and remaining human in your content, and the sky will be the limit for what you can do with Facebook and Instagram. Contact us if you’d like help creating a social media and/or digital marketing strategy for your business.