If you’re like many other businesses, you started out blogging on a fairly frequent basis and then started to fade as you began to find blogging to be too time consuming, or maybe you ran out of topics. Unfortunately, this makes your blog, and your business, look neglected. Even worse, readers who came to rely on you for information now have to find it somewhere else. This directly hurts your business by allowing it to fall from its former top-of-mind position to second place to a competitor.

If your business is running a swimming school for example, the effects of a lax content strategy are even more prominent. Parents look to your school for reliable swimming safety tips, and once they’re used to you providing them, they are easy to convert into paying customers. If they start looking somewhere else for this kind of information, they’ll likely end up at a competing school’s site. Then, when it’s time for them to send their kids in for lessons, they’ll choose that establishment instead. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are some tips for increasing, and maintaining, your content production rate:

  1. Drawing a Blank.

One of the most common culprits to getting down about your content strategy is a feeling that you have nothing new to say. However, in the blogging world, that doesn’t always matter. You can go ahead and repeat, or recycle, topics like tips for pool safety at the beginning of the summer swimming season, without deterring your readers. In fact, they’ll appreciate not having to dig through your archives to find out what, if anything, you might have posted about their specific questions a year or two ago!

You can also check out what your competition is talking about, what’s trending in your industry and even use a topic generator tool. You offer a niche service and provide value to your customers, so talk about it!

  1. Make it a Priority.

Another reason you may blog less frequently is that you feel that you have other competing priorities over content production instead. Re-prioritize blogging into the “essential” category and put something else, like the urge to check emails multiple times a day, onto the back burner. Once you start to see the value of consistent blogging again, it will no longer feel like a chore or an unproductive time suck; you’ll want to make it a priority, and hopefully enjoy it too!

  1. Get Help.

Finally, you can outsource your blogging to various kinds of sources, such as a content production tool that you pay a monthly subscription for, or a professional resource such as a digital marketing agency. This will ensure that you always have timely and high quality posts, and you’ll never have to force yourself to produce them. Especially if you’re aware that no one on your team is particularly strong at content creation and production, you don’t want to push sub-standard content just because you think you should. Posting low-quality and unhelpful content is almost as bad for your business’s reputation as not having a blog at all.

Once your blogging rate goes back up, you’ll find that more customers will find your site, become engaged with your content, and sign their children up for your classes. It won’t be long before your blogging time pays for itself once more. If you need help starting a blog or a professional resource to assist you with a content strategy, feel free to contact us!