It’s not hard to find an example of a leader in our society, especially in business. We tend to automatically envision a strong, well-spoken, confident extrovert who knows how to get others excited and command a room. We get carried away in the notion that a real leader is always decisive and firm, and never stumbles or wavers (or at least never shows it).

But this is a fallacy, and a dangerous one at that. If you seek out leaders that fit this bill, you may be missing out on working with the most effective and inspiring men and women in business.

A perfect example of this is within a marketing agency. “Agency folk” are often expected to be endlessly confident and ready with an answer at all times. But if you end up choosing an agency that’s chock full of these individuals, you might be getting the surface appeal without the substance.

All leaders, and especially those who lead agencies, should be willing to be vulnerable with their clients. Yes, they need to be knowledgeable experts in their field, but they also should be willing to admit when something is unclear or when a mistake has been made. It’s vulnerability like this that ultimately builds trust and allows you, the brand, to rest assured that your agency is leading you down the right path and being honest along the way.

Willingness to show appropriate vulnerability is not just something to strive for when it’s convenient. It’s actually a non-negotiable part of being a good leader – and being human! To find out more about how and when it’s okay (and encouraged!) to be vulnerable in business contexts, check out my full article on CustomerThink.