Did you know that StringCan was founded in 2010? It’s been quite a ride, and it’s hard to believe we’ve been helping businesses grow for 12 years and counting. Through this time, a lot has changed in our industry, our world, and our company. But some things have remained the same, like our strong foundation and unrelenting company focus on strategy and results. We recently doubled down on our B2B growth marketing emphasis and rolled out some new brand updates we want to share with you. Here’s a peek behind the curtain at why we felt it was time for a refresh, and what our process entailed. 

B2B Growth Marketing

Throughout the lifetime of StringCan, we’ve served both B2C and B2B clients. We’re familiar with both models, and still, have clients in each segment to this day. But recently, we’ve been taking a good look in the mirror and zeroing in on where our truest strengths lie – and they’re in B2B growth marketing. 

We took a look at our most successful client partnerships and realized it’s no coincidence they’re in this area. Through our experiences with clients like Private Advisor Group, Molecular Testing Labs, Phoenix Display International, and many more,  we have found our true niche. 

We not only have the business expertise to help our clients set the right strategy to reach their company vision, but we also have the marketing expertise to set the right marketing strategy to unleash the floodgates of brand awareness, buyer interest, and sales. 

Reshaping Our Brand

We’ve shepherded countless clients through a brand refresh, and it’s a delicate dance. You don’t want to alienate or lose the clients you have, who appreciate your business just the way it is. But you still want to elevate it into a new era with new messaging, branding, and maybe even a new or revised mission. How do you achieve both? 

Well, we treated ourselves like we would a client. We conducted our own customer and competitor research, set a strategy rooted in what we found, and then adjusted all of our messaging, branding, and other initiatives to reflect our new path. This process is still ongoing, and we invite you to watch our brand updates and transformation.

We were once known to be a digital marketing agency, but we’ve grown into so much more: a B2B growth marketing agency, strongly suited to help mighty mid-market companies grow. Whether you’ve worked with us for many years, as a lot of our clients have, or are just considering partnering with us – there are a few things you can count on: Our commitment to you, our strategy-first approach, and our unwavering mission to drive results. Give us a call to learn more!