When you’re using content marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy, your blog and website become a key hub for attracting traffic and providing resources. But while maintaining an active, compelling blog can help you achieve great results, it’s not always easy to do. One of the biggest challenges for any company is coming up with good topics to write about, on a frequent basis.

In order to help you create great topics consistently (without having to resort to a random topic generator), one of the best marketing tips we can give you is to use seasonality in your content.

Think Holidays – and Beyond

Holidays are important, and should absolutely be used as inspiration for your content topics. If you run a rock climbing gym, you can promote a special event for Valentine’s Day to get couples to bond over scaling the rock walls together. Or if you have childcare available at your spa, it’d be crazy not to promote this highly valuable benefit in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

But when you think seasonality, don’t limit yourself to crafting content around holidays alone. Also think in terms of the weather, and seasonal trends. In the fall, when the weather starts to get cooler and people go wild about flavoring everything pumpkin, find a way to create a post that uses the excitement around these seasonal favorites as a springboard. Or if your primary audience is made up of parents, ask yourself how you can provide content that’s helpful to them during the stressful time leading up to tax season.  

What Keywords are Prevalent?

Another idea to find good topics to write about in a certain season is by doing a little keyword research. One of the best places to start is with Google’s keyword planner, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can type in a search term related to the season and to your business, and see if any popular search terms connect the dots between the two.

For example, if your business hosts activities and events for kids, a search in Google’s keyword planner would tell you that the phrase “Christmas crafts for kids” is searched for between 10K and 100K times per month on average. You could use this as the basis for a blog post leading up to December, and find yourself with not only solid inspiration but also higher likelihood your post will get traction thanks to the inclusion of these popular keywords.

What Concerns or Excitement Does the Season Bring?

Finally, when you’re planning content around the seasons, go a step further and think about some of the less obvious effects of a certain period of time. For example, everyone knows that summer is hot and a time in which people love to swim. Those can still be great concepts to weave into your content pieces, but try to think even deeper.

For instance, as August approaches, are your customers’ kids getting nervous about starting back to school? Is your target audience starting to think about budgeting for the school season, and the upcoming holidays that come on its heels? Try to get inside their heads, and think through what stressors or sources of elation might be on their minds in any given season. Then piggyback off of that in your content to really resonate with them on a deeper level.

Whether you’re looking to holidays, seasons of life, weather patterns, keywords or other factors that tie into your customers’ needs and wants during a particular time period, tap into these unexpected sources of inspiration to fuel and optimize your content marketing. Keep searching for new ideas, and you’ll keep finding new ways to better serve and connect with your customers.