As a digital marketing agency, we’ll be the first to tell you how valuable buyer personas are to your business. Actually, our favorite thing to hear from prospective clients is that the target audience for their product or service is “everyone.” We like hearing this because we enjoy doing the research and validating that every business has a unique niche, and with that comes a unique set of customers that are a perfect fit for your company’s efforts and marketing dollars.

However, as much as we love buyer personas, we’ll also be the first to tell you that it is a mistake to create your buyer personas and then call it a day. Just as important as buyer personas are to driving the focus of your business’s marketing efforts and how, when, and where to best target your ideal customers, it’s equally important to identify and define your negative personas, or the representation of customers that you don’t want to spend time and effort marketing to.

We know you hate to hear this, but not EVERYONE is going to be a jumping-for-joy brand advocate of your company. We know that you’ve dealt with negative reviews on Yelp, aggressive phone calls from unhappy customers, snide comments as people leave your store, and maybe but hopefully not – a tearful employee. In every business, there will be demanding, unpleasant, and impossible-to-satisfy customers who are simply not worth the headache and revenue that they bring to you and your team.

To save your company wasted time, resources, money, and brain cells, we suggest creating and updating your negative personas just as much as your traditional buyer personas. To learn more about negative personas, how to create them, and how much better off your business will be when you incorporate them into your marketing strategy, check out the full article on Kissmetrics. We even included a downloadable worksheet to make the process easy and straightforward! If you have any other questions on traditional buyer personas, negative personas, and how all these moving parts fit into your business, please contact us!