You have a solid business model. Three out of your five locations are right on target, but the remaining two are underperforming. Why, and what can you do to address their barely above-water performance? Many business owners place the blame on location, competition or audience, but these potential issues are not always the cause of a location’s inability to live up to its true potential. There are often other factors at work and methods to determining the underlying causes. Knowing where the trouble lies can ensure a successful turnaround. Here are some tips on how to get to the bottom of this issue:

  1. Find the Cause

If your location is in a healthy demographic position, your brand is solid, operations are functioning at their peak, and you have a good management team in place, it could be a matter of generating and closing leads. This is where you’ll want to analyze your operating costs and compare those with your other locations operating with similar volume. If there are no discrepancies, look deeper into your marketing strategy.

Analyze both historical and current data in order to determine your inbound marketing strategy. Knowing what percentage of visitors to your website convert to leads, what percentage of those lead to sales-qualified leads, and what percentage of those turn into customers, can help you determine where the link may be broken.

Prioritize short and long-term investment opportunities in order to generate more leads and convert these leads to customers. Then continue to analyze ongoing data to determine if your marketing strategy is working. It’s a constant cycle of evaluating what’s working, what’s not, and adjusting your strategy along the way. Don’t let your marketing strategy anchor you down; what works well for one location may do nothing for another. Trying new tactics, ditching the ineffective ones, and not being afraid to take chances is when you’ll see positive changes happen.

  1. Stay the Course

Turnaround projects require commitment. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see swarms of parents and children lining up at your front door overnight. As your data grows and you determine what is or isn’t working in your marketing campaign, you can implement the changes needed to convert this underperforming location to a profitable one. Here’s a checklist of items you should be considering when evaluating your online assets and how they are performing for each location:

  • Is this location’s website optimized?
  • Are best SEO practices in place?
  • Do you know your target audience for this location?
  • Is your content geared toward your target audience? Is it engaging?
  • Have you utilized content syndication to grow your leads?
  • Do you know the ROI of your paid media marketing campaign?
  • Are your emails generating sales?
  • Is your social media campaign creating an engaged online community?


The answers to these questions may very well determine your ability to turn your underperforming location into one of your top performers. It can be overwhelming, but staying on top of the latest digital trends and best practices can make the difference between success and failure. Digital marketing agencies can help fill these gaps and guide you through the process. Whether you want to dip your toes into a digital marketing strategy or go full-on cannonball, our marketing professionals are here to guide you.