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Create Your Own Buyer Personas

Now that you know the value of personas, use this worksheet to create your own.

The toughest part is knowing where to start, and we are here to show you! Fill in the answers to the questions on the worksheet for each persona. Use Fill In The Gaps Gina as an example in case you get stuck. This worksheet aligns with the fields you need to fill out in HubSpot in order to create your personas and use them in the platform, that way it is easy to integrate and gives you more in-depth questions and examples to add crucial details to your personas.

In this worksheet, we walk you through step by step each piece that you need to create an effective persona. We broke it down into 3 easy sections:

1. Internal Notes - these are the personas characteristics like name and role
2. Demographics - these are characteristics like age
3. Story - this brings your persona to life by giving them a background and addresses their pain points



Persona Worksheet