Our COO Sarah Shepard recently joined CO+HOOTS to share productivity hacks (or hackits as Sarah calls them) to help you be a better leader and simply have a more efficient day, both personally and professionally. Everyone could truly benefit from learning a few of these tricks! Check out our top highlights, the presentation deck and watch the webinar below!

  • Remember 20% of what you do produces 80% of the results
  • Your email doesn’t always have to be at zero! (no really)
  • Each day focus on the top 3 biggest priorities you need to accomplish and then start with the hardest one
  • We all make many decisions throughout our day, look for shortcuts to help you save time on things like meals, food, cleaning, inbox, clothes, workouts and tasks
  • Tools that may help you include Boomerang for Gmail, meal delivery services, project management platforms like Trello, Stitch Fix and more
  • Think about what you do that you simply don’t like doing – can it be delegated?
  • Focus on the things you enjoy doing


View the presentation here.

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