Being a serial entrepreneur comes with risks and rewards. After 6 lower-performance than I desired businesses, I was determined to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and learn from my mistakes. The rewards started to come when my current business, StringCan Interactive, hit the $1 million-revenue mark in its first 20 months. It felt incredible to finally see success come from something I built from scratch. But another aspect of my life that was even more important was starting to disintegrate, my family.

As I became obsessed with my business’ success, as many hungry entrepreneurs are, I didn’t see clearly the issues that were forming at home, like the fact that my wife and I acted more like roommates than a married couple, and my kids complained about my long business hours and phone calls at the dinner table. Something had to change or I was going to lose a part of me that I cherished more than anything. 

I leveraged what has worked well in my business and created a four-day family retreat that was customizable and focused around defining my family’s purpose, bonding, improving communication, and goal setting. The activities and experiences that were learned on that trip changed the course of my family life in a direction far from the path it was on before. To read the full story on how business impacts family life and how to reboot your family to create a happier and healthier life for everyone, please read the full article from Entrepreneurs’ Organization Octane Magazine.