We work with companies of all sizes, here in Arizona, across the country and around the world. And we wouldn’t trade that for anything. But today we wanted to highlight something near and dear to our hearts when we’re on the client-side of things: championing our local community. Here’s why we support local business, and how you can too. 


Quality over Convenience

Whenever it’s time for us to form a partnership or buy something as a business, we always look for local options first. We love finding businesses that aren’t just in our state or city, but are even in the same area of town in which we’re located. We’ve found that this kind of mindset creates a really positive impact, and has even sometimes come back to us in terms of word of mouth marketing and referrals. 

Sure, sometimes locally owned businesses don’t have the same inventory on hand that the bigger companies do. But while you may not have a product the instant you need it (or in two days, like Amazon Prime has conditioned us to expect), many local companies will bend over backward trying to get you what you need – and then some. We always believe quality trumps convenience, and local businesses are often convenient as well. 

Let’s say you need to buy office supplies for your company. You could go to one of the big box retailers, or you could see what’s available on your street. You never know; oftentimes the local shops are able to give you a better deal or offer more flexibility with ordering. And, quality is almost always a high priority with businesses whose owners and leaders have an equity stake in them.


Relationships over Retail

In addition to quality and cost-effectiveness, supporting the local community gives you the chance to actually meet the people with whom you do business. If something goes wrong with your order, you don’t pick up the phone and talk to someone across the country; you can walk through their doors and have a conversation. 

The benefits of face to face meetings are just as important when things are going great, too. You can get to know the chef of a restaurant you take your employees to, or the owner of a local artisan shop that may become your go-to place for creative, handmade gifts. 

Not only are new relationships with other business owners and leaders sure to enrich your social network – and life altogether – but they can also benefit you from a business perspective. People who like you and feel they know you as a person will be more willing to do business with you and exceed your expectations. 


We’ve grown our business to help other purpose-driven businesses succeed, so patronizing local businesses is just one more way we do that. What about you – are you supporting the local community or can you look at the new year as a fresh start to give it a try? Support local business in your area in 2020. When we take time to meet the people behind the products we buy, everybody wins.