You’ve probably heard marketers discuss strategy vs. tactics, most likely in a pitch meeting where someone is trying to win your business. We get why, but we see this conversation differently. In fact, StringCan is built on strategic marketing practices for one main reason: they work. Here’s a look at our unique approach and why strategy is important. 

“And” & When

The first issue with the strategy vs. tactics discussion is it pits one against the other when the truth is every business needs both. So, it’s not strategy or tactics; it’s strategy and tactics. But the “when” matters too. Strategy must always come before tactics, or your outcomes will suffer. 

This is how we begin every project. We start with acquiring a deep understanding of our customers, their business, and their customers. Then, we create a strategy based on their goals. This strategy informs every single piece of work we will do together, and serves as a roadmap for what comes next. 

How Is This Different?

Many agencies are eager to chase tactics because they want to show activity. If they report back that they’ve initiated four digital ad campaigns, sent 500 emails, and scheduled enough Tweets to cover the next 90 days, they’ll feel like they’re justifying what you’re paying them. But the reality is that activity does not equal the outcomes you want. Only strategic activity does. 

This is how we’re different. We will only recommend that you pursue the specific tactics that support your B2B business’ overarching strategy and goals. We’ll even tell you to pare down on certain efforts if we feel you’re spending too much money or spreading your marketing too thin across initiatives that aren’t strategically aligned. In many cases, we believe less is more

Delivering Value 

At StringCan, we prove our worth by helping to get your company focused on strategy first, then layering on the right tactics that will drive results. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all program because your business is one-of-a-kind, and deserves to be treated as such. 

So as we work together, we’ll customize a marketing roadmap for you based on your unique business, market, and ideal customers. You won’t have to wonder anymore whether a given tactic is worth your time and budget; you’ll have confidence that it is because you’re following strategy first. 

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