Marketing agencies today might feel like commodities and many business owners are approaching them as such. Instead of working with a strategic marketing firm, a company might use Fiverr for their graphic design, a freelancer for their Google Ads, and an internal team member for their social media management. While the gig economy is great in many ways, such a disjointed approach to marketing tends to result in… you guessed it… disjointed results. 

Instead of choosing a marketing agency like you would any other commodity – based on the lowest price – realize that the value you’ll get from each marketing firm or marketing service will vary greatly. Here’s more about our growth marketing strategy, and what sets StringCan apart. 

Fueled By Strategic Growth Marketing

Since the founding of StringCan, we’ve always been about strategy first. What does this look like? Well, if you come to us and ask us to handle your display ads, we’re going to politely decline. Unless those display ads are supporting a greater strategy that we can feel confident is effective for your business (and that we’re able to influence directly), we can’t tackle one-off tactics in good conscience. 

Think of your business as a car, and your most ambitious growth goals as a distant location. Your marketing is the fuel that will get you there – or cause you to stall out on the freeway in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic, in freezing rain. The point? Marketing matters. Without the right strategy, you’ll have no idea of the best routes to take to get you there. This is why tactics alone will never cut it. 

If you work with us at StringCan, you’ll quickly learn that we abide by a growth marketing strategy. This means that everything we do is driven by helping our clients put the right fuel in the tank to help them get further, faster – and to that destination, they’re dreaming of. 

Our Process

When we start with new clients, we’ll identify current business obstacles and opportunities, helping us uncover your goals and performance barriers. Then, we’ll book one-on-one meetings with your team to gain rich perspectives and get an even deeper understanding of your growth obstacles and opportunities. 

From there, we’ll host a workshop in which we’ll drill down even more into the knowledge we’ve garnered, ultimately sharing these insights with your leadership team. After this, we’ll work with you to identify target market segments, craft buyer personas, audit your existing efforts and develop the right growth market strategies to get you to your goals. 

This process is proven, having worked for countless clients over the past 13 years. The reason? In addition to our stellar team, our clients’ success is due to our strategic marketing, the way we relentlessly follow a growth marketing strategy and get your company on the best possible path toward your goals. Ready to work with us? Let’s chat!