I am so lucky to work for a company that walks the walk AND talks the talk. I’ve had some amazing volunteer opportunities while working for other companies, but they were never done as a company. We take our mission to heart; supporting businesses that are dedicated to improving the lives of others. That doesn’t apply to just our clients. We support local businesses by giving time, money, and resources as often as we can. We had a lot of fun with our local groups this year, so take a peek at our year of giving back and volunteering.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

We really wanted to help animals for the first event of the year, and we chose Tempe’s Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. They say, “As the only organization in the Valley focused on both pets and people in crisis, we are dedicated to rescuing pets abandoned or at risk of homelessness. We provide pet care when people find themselves in challenging life situations.” It gives me goosebumps to even write about this amazing organization. We were all worried it would be sad and really emotional for us to help. But we were so wrong! It was fun, uplifting, and really satisfying to make a difference in the lives of sweet animals in need. They were organized and made every second we had count. Before I start crying…

School Supply Drive

As school time came around, we all reminisced about our Lisa Frank folders, Trapper Keepers, Big Bird lunch boxes, giant erasers, and matching pencil pouches. It broke our hearts to think about kids who couldn’t even afford a brand name folder, let alone a folder and other supplies! We teamed up with Arizona Helping Hands and hosted a School Supply Drive right here in the office.   

Arizona Helping Hands Foster Kids

After helping with the school supply drive, we couldn’t wait to work with the amazing staff at Arizona Helping Hands again. A few of their programs are Birthday Dreams, new beds, Safety Kits, and their Holiday Toy Drive. A lot of foster parents and caregivers don’t have the resources to purchase the safety items to become qualified, and the stipend for a birthday gift is about $25 a year! A lot of these children have never had their birthday celebrated, let alone get a present. We decorated birthday bags and put special notes on them. We also organized and sorted clothing donations. The kids deserve the best and we were so happy to be a part of this.


For our end of the year volunteer activity, we wanted to focus on a very neglected population; senior citizens. The City of Scottsdale has a great program called Adopt-a-Senior. Seniors apply to the program and they can be couples or singles in need. The need is growing every year and it was so nice to support this demographic. We went shopping with their “Wish Lists” in hand and had so much fun picking out the absolute best gifts for them (and their pets). We are looking forward to supporting their Beat the Heat initiative this summer.

There are so many amazing reasons to volunteer as a company. Not only do you feel alllll the feels, but you have a unified purpose for helping those in need. It puts your stressful project, or deadlines, or rocks in perspective and allows you to make meaningful connections with your team and your community.  When you do good, it feels good. I feel so blessed to work for an organization that supports volunteering as a company.

I’d love to hear what you do on your own, or with your company, to support your community. Contact me at StringCan today!